AoE: After the victory over the Sparrow Sparrow, Vane gamer wants to ask BiBi to ‘risk’

Immediately after this victory, VaneLove posted information on his fanpage when he wanted to join BiBi against Chim Se Hong Hong Anh.

Finches, Hong Anh are the next couple that VaneLove and BiBi want to defeat.

In recent times, Sparrow and Gunny are both showing their impressive performance. Therefore, before the match between this couple and BiBi, VaneLove took place not many viewers believed in a victory for the couple from the VEC coalition.

But in a day when the opponent is not the best form with the support of the card, “Young Man” VaneLove joined BiBi with an impressive 3-1 victory in C. A slender and neat BiBi in the guillotine matches, played extremely well in the beginning to create conditions for VaneLove with his emotional bow-and-arrow games to finish off the opponent at a later time . A VaneLove image full of personality is clearly shown with the match of his badass Macedon.

AoE After the victory over the Sparrow Sparrow Vane gamer wants to ask BiBi to risk | Esports

VaneLove – Gamer with the most personality of the Vietnamese AoE community.

With his special personality, it is not surprising that right after the victory last night, VaneLove sent messages to Sparrow and Hong Anh when he wanted to confront BiBi with the couple.

Obviously, in terms of ability, the couple Sparrow, Hong Anh are evaluated much more strongly than BiBi and VaneLove. However, in recent years, it is the “goose” in the character of the captain of Hanoi that makes this player has a lot of fans. Who knows, one day VaneLove will become “crazy” and BiBi will return to their superhuman form, this couple will create yet another surprise in front of the very strong couple, Sparrows and Hong Anh.

We will continue to update AoE fans in the coming time. Stay tuned for the latest news about the Vietnamese AoE community.

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