Ant-Man 3: Who imprisoned the evil Kang in the quantum realm?

Kang the Conqueror (Kang Conqueror), the next big villain of the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU), will officially step onto the big screen through the blockbuster. Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania, released on February 17 here. According to the released trailers, it seems that this villain is trapped in the quantum world and needs the help of Scott Lang to be able to escape and carry out his plot to take over the multiverse. .

The question now is: Who imprisoned Kang the Conqueror in the quantum realm? No one knows why he was sealed here, and no one knows how long he was trapped in that strange world. All we know so far is that Kang was defeated by an individual (or a squad) many years ago. And here are the brightest names that have done that.

He Who Remains

He Who Remains is a variation of Kang in the Marvel multiverse – Photo: Marvel Studios.

He Who Remains appeared in the last episode of the series Loki The first season as the founder of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to guard Marvel’s sacred timeline, which is also the main universe of the MCU. The mission of this organization is to hunt down and destroy anomalous events that can cause time bifurcation, thereby making it impossible for other realities to form, which means that the multiverse cannot be formed. exist.

In fact, He Who Remains is one of many variations on Kang, originally a scientist living in the 31st century. After finding a way to open the connection between the timelines, He Who Remains and other variants have joined together to exchange knowledge, technology and help their reality evolve and improve. However, not all variants are so well-intentioned, and Kang the Conqueror is one of them.

Series Loki confirmed a multiverse war had broken out between the Kang variants, and He Who Remains was the winner in the end. That is why this variant decided to become the hegemon of time, establishing TVA to prevent a similar war from happening in the future. That means that He Who Remains is most likely the one who imprisoned Kang in the quantum world to prevent his plot to conquer the multiverse.

Besides, keeping Kang in the quantum world instead of completely destroying him could also be part of He Who Remains’ calculation for a larger plan. As a master of time and able to control nearly every event that takes place in the sacred timeline, He Who Remains understands the laws of motion of the Marvel multiverse. This variant knows that if Kang is freed, the multiverse loop will begin again. He will wage a conquest of all realities, before he is once again defeated, and all timelines will converge into one, under the rule of He Who Remains himself.

TVA organization

Ant Man 3 Who imprisoned the evil Kang in the quantum realm | Living

The TVA organization has defeated and “erased” variations of many different characters in the Marvel universe – Photo: Marvel Studios.

As mentioned above, the TVA organization is tasked with eradicating variations, branches of time that can jeopardize the sacred timeline. So, it is not excluded that this organization itself pushed Kang into the quantum realm, because in essence, he is a version of He Who Remains, who is ruling the main timeline of the MCU.

Normally, TVA would eliminate the variants by sending them to The Void – a world located near the end of time and considered a “dumping ground” of the multiverse, however, because Kang is a variable. Given his knowledge of time travel and the multiverse, Kang was able to find a way to break out of The Void to get there. The Citadel, just like Loki and Sylvie did.

At this point, he can easily defeat the He Who Remains and become the new ruler of the sacred timeline. That’s why TVA was forced to imprison Kang in the quantum realm. In fact, Loki’s ending shows that this villain, or a variant of him, has become the new ruler of TVA after the multiverse took shape in the MCU. In other words, if Kang doesn’t stop him in the quantum world, his becoming the hegemon of time and the multiverse is almost certain to happen.

Janet van Dyne

Ant Man 3 Who imprisoned the evil Kang in the quantum realm | Living

Janet van Dyne was in the quantum world for a long time before being brought out into the real world – Photo: Marvel Studios.

Janet van Dyne may also be the one who defeated and imprisoned Kang in the quantum realm before the events in Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania. The trailers of this movie have continuously “teased” about the relationship between Janet and Kang. It seems that these two characters have known each other before, because Janet was trapped in the quantum world for more than 30 years after an accident in 1987, before being rescued in the blockbuster. Ant-Man & the Wasp.

Some theories suggest that Janet used to work for Kang but decided to betray after realizing his plot and malice towards the multiverse. It is also possible that the two have worked together to find a way out of the quantum realm but failed. Until she was rescued by Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne, Janet decided to leave Kang behind to return to reality, because she knew with his cruel nature, what he would do if he could escape. outside.

Whatever the cause, we can temporarily assert that the relationship between Janet and Kang will be more hostile than ally in the future. Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania. That is why in the latest trailer of this blockbuster, Janet advised Scott not to trust Kang, and especially not to cooperate with him, even though the things he promises are so attractive. whatever.

Reed Richards

Ant Man 3 Who imprisoned the evil Kang in the quantum realm | Living

Reed Richards has a close relationship with Kang in Marvel comics – Photo: Marvel Studios.

With Marvel Studios releasing blockbusters Fantastic Four by the end of 2025, the possibility that Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and his team are the ones who imprisoned Kang in the quantum world. Previously, this character also appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a member of the Illuminati of the reality Earth-838. This will be the premise for Marvel to bring the official version of Reed Richards to the main universe in the MCU, Earth-616, in the near future.

The Fantastic Four have faced Kang many times in the original Marvel comics. However, this villain and the leader of the Super Quartet have a much more complex and deeper relationship. In the future, Kang has a variant named Nathaniel Richards – a descendant of Reed Richards, and also a great scientist living in the 30th century in the universe Earth-6311.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Kang and the Fantastic Four have clashed in the future of the MCU, with the result that this villain is defeated and imprisoned in the quantum world. With this scenario, Marvel Studios will have a very good launchpad to bring the Fantastic Four to their cinematic universe, and also help raise their importance to a level to prepare for 2 big events. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.


Ant Man 3 Who imprisoned the evil Kang in the quantum realm | Living

Kang may also be the defeated general of an Avengers squad from another timeline – Photo: Marvel.

In the teasers exclusively revealed by Marvel Studios at live events, Kang mentioned having killed one (or more) Avengers in the past. That made it impossible for him to remember whether Scott Lang was his victim or not. This detail shows that he is no stranger to Earth’s most courageous superheroes, and may even be their defeat in another timeline.

So far, the relationship between Kang and the Avengers has never been mentioned in any of the official trailers of Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania. That means that this detail may be dropped from the official release, or maybe Marvel Studios wants to keep the surprise until the last moment.

If Kang ever faced the Avengers in the multiverse, the weight of the script Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars will be increased by one level. Firstly, he will become a more difficult villain when he has more experience in fighting this superhero team. Second, Kang may also be particularly impressed or want revenge on certain members of the Avengers, allowing Marvel Studios to focus on exploiting the potential of the Avengers.that character, just like they did with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in blockbusters End game.

Based on the trailers that have been released, Ant-Man is not the superhero Kang has his eyes on. He simply wants the Ant-Man to help him escape the quantum world.

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