Android site points out 8 points iOS “eat up” Google’s operating system

Before you go into the comment section to “wholesale” us, please remember that we are not claiming that iOS is more comprehensive than Android or other competitors. Any operating system has its own strengths and weaknesses. And here are 8 outstanding features of iOS that make a reputable longtime website like Android Authority also have to write a review.

Overall, iOS works faster and smoother

As someone who has been using both of these popular operating systems for a long time, I can say that iOS is less prone to lag and performance degradation. No matter how crazy you are, you have to admit, iOS performance has always been more appreciated than Android for years. The longer you use this difference, the more obvious it becomes.

More impressive when most of Apple’s devices own hardware is quite modest compared to the current smartphone platform. For example, the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max model is using a 6-core CPU with 4GB of RAM. For young people who prefer to take the configuration to other people, it is clear that the above parameters are only in the mid-range form, and at first glance, it cannot be stronger than many current Android flagship models.

Yet the opposite is true. Configuration is an important part of deciding the performance of a machine, but not all. Even Android Authority has conducted a comparison between Apple’s A13 chip and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865. The results show that the Snapdragon 865 is slightly better in all respects (except the GPU), but keep in mind that when this chip officially debuted, the A13 was “old” already, 6 months old.

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

Configuration has never really been the strength of the iPhone when compared to other Android devices, but the Apple performance is always stable and smooth after a long time of use.

One important reason that iOS works every time is because the operating system is optimized for certain devices, rather than rampant, to swallow enough brands like Android. While iPhone users are always taken care of by Apple, every update is quality, Android users depend on the OEMs – the original manufacturers of the devices they are using. Whenever Android has a new update, OEMs must conduct a review and change to optimize these updates for their models. And not everyone who does business has a mind!

Apple’s closed product ecosystem is also part of the reason why iPhones don’t need to be configured with Android flagships and can still run stably. All are in the close association between hardware and software. Because Apple controls the manufacturing process from A – Z, it can guarantee that its resources will be utilized in the most efficient way.

Brothers and sisters are trying to type criticism I do not know anything about Android but dare to write a comparison, right? Slowly calm down and remember this: I did not say iPhone is stronger than all Android devices today. The Android world is extremely vast and possesses true “monsters” of performance, which is undeniable. But I just want to say that overall, iOS devices are still stable, work faster and smoother.

iOS is so easy to use that your grandmother can use it

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

As mentioned above, there are many different brands are using Android, while Apple alone has an iOS horse. This may give Android a numerical advantage, but it will cause a fatal drawback to the user experience: Each phone manufacturer will have different tweaks and improvements for this operating system. on their devices. So from the smallest details such as icons, multitasking buttons, back buttons will also own different appearances on different branded devices. If you have some knowledge of UI / UX design, you probably know how annoying the user is.

Many people still criticize iOS too monotonous, not much to play with, but that simplicity is what makes this operating system so attractive. The ability to customize on Android is great, very creative, but not everyone needs this. They just need an easy-to-use phone, meeting all the basic needs with easy operations.

With iOS, the entire application will appear straight to your home screen, with operations such as moving, deleting extremely simple, looking to play and do even for the elderly or small children. Whether you’re on an iPhone 11, iPad Pro, or any of Apple’s older devices, the iOS interface is basically the same, still familiar, not too much different and not taking much time. to get acquainted again.

The updated version is always up to date, like squeezing lemon, updating is not difficult

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

To this point, you don’t want to have to agree with me: Regarding the software update, iOS “broke” Android is for sure. First, with iOS, any device compatible with the new update will be able to upgrade immediately when this update is released, without discrimination as a higher-end device is upgraded. up first.

While Android is almost the complete opposite. I myself have been using the Galaxy J7 Prime launched since 2017, so it is very absorbing this: People are still bored with the new update, preparing for the next software version but have not seen their turn to upgrade. .

Major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and Motorola, after receiving the update from Google Android, will have to tweak it to optimize their devices. This is a very time-consuming process, which is also why Android is often slow in launching new updates.

Apple product ecosystem: Closed, safe, synchronized

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

It’s not entirely true that Apple’s ecosystem is superior, because over the years, Google has done a great job of integrating its services into various devices around the world. .

But again and again, Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch or Mac computers all have a very strong connection with each other through iCloud, iMessage, Facetime as well as internal devices. other furniture. Besides, the App Store is also a bright spot in the Apple ecosystem. Programmers who want to bring their products up here will have to go through a strict, thorough and even expensive process of censorship. But in return, the overall quality of the iOS app is increasing. The App Store is also rated cleaner, has fewer ads, and has more great features such as tutorials, interviews, app suggestions lists, etc.

Security – Apple’s shaky pride

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

Why is Apple’s pride in security so shaky? Updated versions of Google are increasingly powerful, increasing the ability to protect user devices. Among them are some features such as 2-step security, Google Play Protect, app access settings, … These updates, plus the user is increasingly aware and knowledge. , made it possible for Android to truly face iOS in terms of security.

However, for many years, iOS has always been known as a secure operating system thanks to consistent updates for all device lines. The closed ecosystem also restricts negative external factors, making it harder for hackers to attack iOS users (difficult but not impossible).

Apple CarPlay

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

Although I have tried Android Auto many times to change the wind, after all I still look for Apple CarPlay. Sometimes I carry an iPhone with me just to be able to use CarPlay in my car.

Apple’s iOS-based customized version is better organized, the app icons are also organized more neatly. You can move your favorite icons to the front for ease of use. The ability to access the application directly and simply allows you to perform many actions and actions more easily, with the help of certain applications. Not to mention that Apple CarPlay has a nicer design, simplicity, and ease of use.

The interface of Android Auto is a bit brainstorming and quite random. Google’s algorithms will give you suggestions on which apps and actions you might like – meaning this list will constantly change, forcing you to keep track of it, all the time dragging it up and down. all day long to find what I like. This will also make it easier to get distracted while driving.

But there is one point that Apple still has to “carry” for Android long: Google Assistant is smarter and more efficient than Siri.

Dedicated customer service

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

AppleCare may be expensive, but the people also have the saying “expensive pieces”. This warranty is an Apple promise for your iOS devices. If you live in an area where you have a genuine Apple store, and at the same time the machine goes down, go out there to experience it, maybe less than an hour later you will change a new device. right.

Speaking of Apple Store, whether you like it or hate it, you must also acknowledge that Apple’s store chain has an impressive, sophisticated exterior design with all glass. Inside is a large staff, enthusiastic, ready to advise and solve all your questions. They even open a classroom to teach customers how to use its devices.

No company is perfect, but it’s obviously more convenient and time-saving to bring Apple stuff to service. We do not need to go through any intermediaries, do not nearly constantly call strange phone numbers, do not need to fill out online applications, nor have to wait a few weeks to receive our device.

Extremely good ability to hold prices

Android site points out 8 points iOS eat up Google s operating system | Live

This is not really iOS’s strengths compared to Android, but Apple’s strengths compared to the rest. Apple iPhones, iPads and other devices have the ability to keep the price very well even after many years of launch. This means that when you want to build the device, you will make more money when you sell an iOS device than sell an Android device. Not to mention the reputation of Apple, the old iPhone, iPad is also easier to sell.

Take specific examples to make it easy to understand: the iPhone XS Max, launched in September 2018, starts at $ 1,099. Currently, the price on eBay for this model (but used) is about $ 400 – $ 500, meaning you can earn up to 45% of the original value of the device. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, launched in August 2018 for $ 1,000 (128GB version) is now available on eBay for $ 250 – $ 350 – roughly 35% of the original price.

I personally also need to upgrade the device, and have consulted a colleague who is very knowledgeable about smartphones and technology: “What machine should buy 15 million?”. The answer I received was iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11, instead of Note 10. Besides the reasons for design, camera, configuration, the colleague especially emphasized: “Now buy iPhone, the sale is still a few years away, then you can buy a few Note 10 to use also”. Sounds reasonable and convincing, isn’t it?

According to AndroidAuthority

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