Amazon smartphone CEO Jeff Bezos used to hack sensitive information?

In an unprecedented statement, UN experts called for an immediate investigation into the likely involvement of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in hack into the smartphone of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The information published by the international press said that through a video posted on WhatsApp, the Saudi prince installed the malware on Amazon founder’s phone, extracted a large amount of sensitive information. The information was then sent to National Inquiry in the US, directly leading to the $ 35 billion divorce of Jeff Bezos with his wife of 16 years.

In February 2019, the smartphone was sent to security companies GDBA and FTI Consulting for testing. And based on the latest report published by these two companies, Jeff Bezos’ phone is not Android but an iPhone X!

The hack leaked information that caused Jeff Bezos to divorce his wife and openly his lover.

If the conclusions of GDBA and FTI are correct, iPhone and WhatsApp users globally will face new concerns. Compared to Android smartphones, the iPhone is still considered a safer option thanks to the “closed” ecosystem model as well as Apple’s careful censorship. Compared to messaging services, WhatsApp also has a focus on security instead of advertising like Facebook Messenger or other services. Spreading malicious code from video into the operating system is also an unprecedented attack method on the iPhone before.

However, many global experts still do not believe in this conclusion. Will Strafach, CEO of Guaridan Firewall said that the FTI team made a mistake by not checking the root file system on iPhone. “The most important thing here is that the conclusions do not provide valid evidence,” Strafach said. At the same time, a researcher at UC Berkeley and a professor at Stanford University posted that the investigation team lacked many important checks, including decoding .enc files from WhatsApp.

Interviews with BBC, WhatsApp and Facebook confirmed that they did not receive any support requests from FTI.

Amazon smartphone CEO Jeff Bezos used to hack sensitive information | Phone

Will Bezos be hacked if he continues to use Android instead of switching to iPhone?

Perhaps this will take a long time to reach a final conclusion. However, tech followers at least have learned an important information: many years after trying to conquer the market with Android (Fire Phone) smartphones, Jeff Bezos has now become iFan. And, it seems he paid for it.

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