Although it is more expensive than the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 still indirectly helps Apple hit the most powerful punch in Android

Finally, after the wait of one month longer than every year, Apple also unveiled not only 1 but 4 new iPhones. Unfortunately for the iFan, the iPhone 12 doesn’t have a “soft” price and can even be considered more expensive than the iPhone 11: the main version (6.1 inch) iPhone 12 has been pushed up to $ 800, which is more expensive. $ 100 compared to the starting level of iPhone 11 last year.

Last year, users only need to spend $ 700 to be able to own an iPhone 11 with 6.1 inch screen, this year at this price bracket they can only buy the iPhone 12 Mini with 5.4 inch screen. It seems that, after the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 consistently hold the top selling smartphone position in the world, Apple has recognized the attraction of the 6.1-inch iPhone and pushed the price to optimize profitability.

The most controversial thing is that Apple does not bundle the charger or headphones. All four models, including the expensive iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, do not have these two essential accessories. The official reason given by Apple is to protect the environment (reducing emissions equivalent to 425,000 cars), but everyone can see that the real purpose of the Apple family is to reduce costs and increase sales. numbers for the AirPods or the MagSafe charger just unveiled.

Apple did not die, but on the contrary brought the iPhone XR to the mid-range / high-end segment.

However, the iPhone 12’s price hike does not mean that Apple is saying no to the iFan to limit costs. By contrast, 2020 is the year that sees Apple roll out its most powerful punches in the mid-range.

The reason is that Apple yesterday made an unexpected decision: not to kill the iPhone XR. The arrival of the iPhone 12 also means that the iPhone XR will continue to discount another $ 100, now only $ 500 for the 64GB version and $ 550 for the 128GB version. Mid-range users will have 2 choices of Apple: if they like the traditional 16: 9 experience and slightly better performance, they will choose SE; If you like the “rabbit ears” experience, they will choose XR.

The starting prices of these two smartphones are significantly lower than the iPhone 12 Pro. Both of these smartphones will put Apple on a special battlefield: this is the first time in Apple history that there are two competitive spearheads in the mid-range / high-end segment (under $ 500). When each iPhone SE or iPhone XR memory version has a $ 50 difference, Apple has an extremely dense category in the under $ 600 price segment: iPhone SE 64GB for $ 400, iPhone SE 128GB for $ 450, iPhone XR 64GB costs 500 USD, iPhone SE 256GB and iPhone XR 128GB both cost 550 USD.

Although it is more expensive than the iPhone 11 the iPhone 12 still indirectly helps Apple hit the most powerful punch in Android | Phone

With the difference per memory version being just $ 50 …

Although it is more expensive than the iPhone 11 the iPhone 12 still indirectly helps Apple hit the most powerful punch in Android | Phone

… iPhone SE and iPhone XR are creating the densest mid-range category in Apple history.

It is not difficult to realize that the iPhone SE and iPhone XR will create a powerful mid-range segment for the Apple family. In the first half of the year, both of these models were on the list of top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world, surpassing even the ultra-cheap Redmi 8 / 8A. The performance of the iPhone SE can be seen as a testament to the appeal of the low-priced iPhone: despite having an outdated 4.7-inch screen, even if it was only sold for only 2 months, this $ 400 iPhone model can still easily shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors that were sold out for the entire 6 months of the first 2 quarters.

iPhone XR is also a proof that a large number of users are still willing to pursue a soft-priced “notch” experience, even when having to accept a single camera experience or poor battery life. It’s worth noting that the iPhone XR is only $ 100 cheaper than the iPhone 11: the fact that the XR still has impressive sales despite being crushed by its juniors (in both performance and features) shows a significant $ 100 difference. not small with millions of iFan.

With the iPhone SE and iPhone XR in the mid-range / high-end segment, Tim Cook is showing his determination to make the most of this mentality of users. And the new Apple strategy can only harm Android rivals, who have been constantly trying to get rid of the cheap price that has been associated with the green robot image for years. In the first half of this year, despite the effects of Covid-19, the amount of money users spent to own a new smartphone still increased by 10%. The main beneficiaries are Android brands through new 5G smartphones, which have a higher selling price than 4G LTE smartphones.

Although it is more expensive than the iPhone 11 the iPhone 12 still indirectly helps Apple hit the most powerful punch in Android | Phone

Android competitors need to be really worried when the sales of the iPhone SE and iPhone XR are both top-selling smartphones in the first 6 months of the year.

Ironically, their paths will now be blocked by the … 4G iPhones. Despite having many obvious weaknesses in terms of screens or cameras, the iPhone SE and iPhone XR easily achieve sales that most Android competitors can only dream of. There will always be users who want to own the Apple experience at all costs, and when Apple brings that experience down to the price bracket that is the realm of Android, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO … will have to be wary of new intentions. by Tim Cook.

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