Although he is rarely seen, Orochimaru is stronger than ever in Boruto

Present Orochimaru in Boruto is still very cool and young. Although his powers are never explained in detail in Boruto, in reality he is at the height of his powers.

So Orochimaru How strong is Boruto? Let’s go find out together.

1. After being resurrected by Sasuke Orochimaru become stronger

We go back a little bit back to the moment of the Fourth Ninja World War. When resurrected by Sasuke, Orochimaru the flesh and bones of Kabuto.

In the databook it is known that Kabuto’s flesh contains DNA due to which Orochimaru This time also carries the DNA and chakra of the 4 ninja sound villages, plus the powers of Kimimaro, Jugo, Suigetsu, and Karin like Kabuto.

2. White Zetsu’s body increases its strength Orochimaru more

Although he is rarely seen Orochimaru is stronger than ever in Boruto | Manga/Film

Not only did he receive strength from Kabuto’s body Orochimaru Also gains DNA when reviving 4 Hokage when Orochimaru merged into White Zetsu’s body as his new body.

Of course, White Zetsu has the power of the cells of Hashirama and the Chakra Tree, even the databook explains that Orochimaru Can use Wood Release after acquiring this body.

3. Orochimaru even stronger than in Boruto

Although he is rarely seen Orochimaru is stronger than ever in Boruto | Manga/Film

As far as the analysis above is clear Orochimaru very strong at the end of Naruto, and now in the Boruto era he is even stronger. Looks like now Orochimaru did not directly increase my physical strength, but instead increased my own abilities.

We can see Orochimaru succeeded in creating Mitsuki with how the perfect Sage regime. And also saw some strength of Orochimaru in the recent 174 episode where he kills Victor’s men in an instant with ease. Apparently the power of Orochimaru is a great potential that we need to explore.

Reading now what people think about this issue. Is the power of Orochimaru Has reached what level? Let us know more about your thoughts!

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