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Already have Vietnamese gamers who can play League: Express War on iOS platform? Guide brothers to “test the dignity”

Currently, League of Legends: Express has officially launched Closed Beta on both Android and iOS platforms. Of course, the majority of players on the Android platform experience more than iOS gamers. Because, iOS users who want to experience League of Legends: Speed ​​Wars must wait for the invitation from Riot Games through the Testflight application.

A Vietnamese gamer received an email invitation to test League: Express Chien on iOS platform

In addition, this Closed Beta will start from September 16 in Indonesia and from September 18 in countries and regions including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Therefore, Vietnamese gamers who want to try their luck cannot do it the usual way. Want to experience the League: Quick War iOS, players must meet the necessary and sufficient conditions.

The prerequisite here is to register League of Legends: iOS version on the website Of course, it is not possible to register on the website in Vietnam, but gamers are forced to change the IP address to the countries and regions mentioned above to enter their email address.

Already have Vietnamese gamers who can play League Express War on iOS platform Guide brothers to test the dignity | Mobile & Social

Gamers are forced to change the IP address to register their email

That is the simple step, the new enough conditions are what challenges the player. Gamers must waiting for our dignity “to rise”. If you have good dignity, players will receive an email inviting the League: Speed ​​War experience from Riot Games itself through Apple’s Testflight app. However, even if the player receives this invitation, it is required to have an account that meets the requirements to participate in the Closed Beta this time.

Saying that to see, this is a series of challenges that Riot wants to present to challenge gamers. However, with the accounts that the player used to experience the Arena of Truths Mobile or the Legend of Runeterra in the Singapore market, gamers can completely try their luck once. Who knows, the god of luck will smile at the player.

Already have Vietnamese gamers who can play League Express War on iOS platform Guide brothers to test the dignity | Mobile & Social

Riot recently poured a splash of cold water on the expectations of Vietnamese gamers, and also made a confirmation about Partner will issue Alliance: Express Chien (League of Legends: Speed ​​War) in Vietnam. Specifically this notice is as follows:

League of Legends: Speed ​​War will also be affected and we regret to announce that the Vietnamese market will not be able to participate in Closed Beta at the same time as other markets. We thank Vietnamese players for their commitment and support to League of Legends, as well as for the passionate interest in Riot Games’ new games. We, together with our VNG issuer, are doing our best to find a solution that helps Vietnamese players to experience League: Rapid Chien soon.

Already have Vietnamese gamers who can play League Express War on iOS platform Guide brothers to test the dignity | Mobile & Social

In order to secure the user’s character data and account information, we strongly encourage Vietnamese players to wait a little more time to experience League of Legends: Quick War once localized. Completely & published by VNG. We guarantee that, when League of Legends: Express War is launched in Vietnam, you will experience the Vietnamese version in the most complete way, the best service and the most benefits.

Therefore, it is recommended that gamers wait for VNG’s version to be released in the near future instead of trying to challenge their dignity, especially with the Android version, the platform where users may be at risk. if trying to install third-party software.

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