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Along with HPE, constantly “converting numbers” – change to excel

Possessing many outstanding technological achievements, leading the trend of “digitalization” and always providing useful digital transformation solutions for businesses, where will HPE stand, what role does it play in the “I” period? only – do I exist “this?

Adapt the situation, “borrow translation” to convert

The Covid-19 pandemic has been bringing unprecedented challenges to businesses and organizations. Tourism, aviation were seriously affected, event organization, manufacturing industry almost “froze”, sports and tournaments delayed indefinitely … In the middle of such crisis, kept calming, coping with pressure and figuring out how to convert numbers are the first step in the journey to making the impossible possible.

Most businesses that are familiar with the traditional way of operating will “be afraid” to change to access new technology for the system to work. Either standing still waiting for crisis, or changing minds, updating technology trends to continue to exist is the choice of the enterprise now. Put your business in a safe position to stand up and recover faster when the crisis is over. By proactively deploying solutions for sustainable work management and resolution, which frees up the work environment and is no longer dependent on physical equipment.

The first is to access applications and tools that help employees work remotely, “high tech” and more professionally so that they do not depend on traditional communication and operations; manage costs well to maintain capital. Next, it is necessary to bring human-to-human interactions on the digital platform to create a new user experience with employees and customers alike; allow employees to access important applications and data through secured connections. Besides, it is necessary to manage risks and change continuously, “fix system errors” in the working process. In particular, businesses need to equip the ability to quickly expand VPN and VDI connections – where people and technology can combine as one and the optimal solution for the needs of working at home, preferably “online. ” like nowadays.

VDI: sustainable technology solution for businesses

Although undesirable, and although accompanied by a lot of losses, it can be said that this period also brings great opportunities for businesses, helping to increase access to new technologies. Optimal technology solutions enable businesses to restructure business operations, create new services, products and experiences for customers, bringing us to a faster and smarter world. .

As the world’s leading technology company, HPE provides seamless connectivity solutions and ensures data security across the enterprise from any terminal.

Along with HPE constantly converting numbers change to excel | Technology iced tea

VDI solution package for businesses of 50 – 70 people

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution – is a service that gathers virtual desktops into one place, stores the user’s desktop environment on servers and Fixed system, accessed over the network by remote display protocol.

VDI helps businesses provide efficient use of hardware and centralized management, especially cost savings, so this is considered a friendly, effective, appropriate method at this time.

With a team of experienced experts consulting implementation combined with leading technology, nationwide network of partners, HPE is always confident, ensuring consulting and deploying solutions in time. short for businesses, quickly transforming themselves to adapt to constantly changing business conditions.

Choose the right VDI package

For mid-range businesses (SMBs), HPE provides a pre-configured VDI solution, depending on the needs and size of each business, easily helping users enhance the experience, innovate the work environment. business and operations, increasing efficiency and profit.

Three packages of HPE solutions are available for businesses of less than 30 people, from 50 to 70 people or 100 to 120 people, serving “Work from Home”, ensuring smooth, safe and secure connection. data and quickly recover from incidents, enable data access on all devices with high smoothness, and ensure 1-1 redundancy.

Especially, in addition to VDI packages for mid-sized businesses, HPE is also the first choice when consulting and deploying VDI solutions for organizations and corporations of “terrible” scale such as banks or telecommunications. Professional VDI packages from HPE are always ready to help users experience the smoothest, most secure and most effective “digital technology”.

To better understand the advantages, how it works and the efficiency that the VDI solution brings, as well as listen to the most detailed advice from experts, customers and partners can register and attend the seminar series. online at HPE

A wise manager who wants to quickly adapt to circumstances, help businesses make the most of their digital technology potential and turn them into effective tools for the purpose of maintaining operations, “thinking for survival at “with HPE.

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