All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 (Part 2)

All the 40 hottest and hottest games of 2021 (Part 1)

God of War: Ragnarok

After 2 years since Kratos returned to the God of War 2018 version, fans are finally about to continue their journey to conquer Northern Europe of the Greek god. Called God of War: Ragnarok, the game is slated to be released in 2021, alongside PS5.

Back at the beginning of 2018, the gamer world was awake by the return of the super-God of War after nearly a decade of silence. And with all that time, Santa Monica has brought players a game that ranks among the best. Not only because of the open nature in an ancient world of Norse mythology, sophisticated graphics and a gameplay that “satisfies” every gamer who loves the action of “cutting and cutting”, but also a very top story. concise source.

In the final scene of God of War 2018, Thor – the powerful god of thunder of the Nordic people appeared and confronted the father and son Kratos. What will happen? Thor came here out of good will or to avenge the death of his brother Baldur? And will Atreus (Loki) play a role in the upcoming Ragnarok event? Let’s look forward to the latest release in 2021.

Gotham Knights

After years of speculation, WB Montreal finally released the Batman game at the DC Fandome event that took place in August 2020. The title game will be Gotham Knights with many playable characters from the Batman family. The game will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2021.

All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 Part 2 | GameK

According to the information revealed, the setting of the Gotham Knights is set in Gotham city after the departure of the hero who protects them Batman – Bruce Wayne. However, before leaving, Batman recorded a message calling for four Batman family members Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood to act in defense of justice.

And so the game Gotham Knights begins with the absence of the main character Batman, instead the player will be given four new characters: Nightwing, Red Hood, Batwoman and Robin, a character who has a power. own advantage.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Continuing the success from the first part, recently, Team Cherry has introduced the latest part of the game called Hollow Knight: Silksong. Expected to be released in early 2021, Hollow Knight: Silksong is really a remarkable name and is expected by many people.

All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 Part 2 | GameK

In Hollow Knight: Silksong, the player will play the role of Hornet, a character that appeared in the previous version. Captured and taken to the haunted kingdom of Pharloom, Hornet will try to escape and find the source of the problem. Why was she brought here? What’s really going on with this kingdom? What is the real plot in there? Things will unfold gradually during Hornet’s journey in Pharloom.

Horizon Forbidden West

All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 Part 2 | GameK

This year, Guerrilla Games will release a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, the post-apocalyptic open world game first released in 2017. The main character of the story is still Aloy, A female warrior on her way to find her long-lost mother and finally discovers why her world is so ravaged by robots.

Ashly Burch is back to voice the female lead Aloy. Meanwhile Lance Reddick also returns as Sylens, Aloy’s reluctant helper in discovering the world’s secrets. Horizon Forbidden West will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 sometime in late 2021.

Little Nightmares 2

All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 Part 2 | GameK

Different from the original version, Little Nightmares 2 will introduce a new character named Mono. This boy will accompany Six to survive at a place called Signal Tower. Gamers will be able to play co-op with friends just like EA’s Unravel 2 game used to do.

In addition to the familiar locations in the first installment, there will be plenty of new outer areas to explore in Little Nightmares 2. This will open up a whole new world for gamers but it won’t affect them. Feeling claustrophobic, scared and full of obsession as in the first part, which once made gamers think until later. In addition to a new character, Little Nightmares 2 is also adding combat features, which will allow both Six and Mono to fight the hordes of monsters in the game.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, in addition to the movies that were so popular on the big screen, gamers must not forget the Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War duo. These are all games that have achieved a lot of success in the past.

All 40 hottest AAA blockbuster games of 2021 Part 2 | GameK

With this re-release, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will give players an extremely new perspective on the Mediterranean world. Not famous heroes like Gandalf, Aragorn or Legolas, instead, the player will play the role of Gollum, the creature depressed for its obsession with the lord’s ring. Naturally, for a character that doesn’t have the power of Gollum, the game’s style of play will be different from the Shadow of War parts. The tendency of this game will be stealth action and puzzle.

According to information from the manufacturer, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will launch with the new consoles of PlayStation and Xbox. As expected, the game will release in the spring of 2021.


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