Airbus is making improvements to lighter aircraft using Autodesk’s ‘magic’ design technology

The Airbus A320 is a bulky aerial machine, weighing 83 tons at full load, must be strong enough to withstand the wind’s power but still have enough relief so people can still operate it. profit. Anything that appears on the plane is a fuel consumption factor: according to calculations, the laptop you take with you will be “heavy” equivalent to more than 33 cents of fuel, equivalent to VND 7,600. A magazine pre-set on the plane, a tray of food also spent the money on gasoline.

The aviation industry has not made many breakthroughs since we started flying peacefully, which is why Airbus has teamed up with Autodesk – a company specializing in design and engineering to find the aircraft. of the future. They use a tool called “design creation” – essentially, a programming software with a series of physical limitations in real life, all designs generated by this software must comply with the rules. there.

Creative design can conceive of a simple but extremely sturdy chair design, or fabricate the designs of aircraft parts that can be extremely light and solid, at an exact rate that the brain Human sets cannot be calculated.

Airbus is making improvements to lighter aircraft using Autodesk s magic design technology | Explore

Up to now, Airbus has taken advantage of the generative design to develop a “biological partition” for the passenger compartment, which is 45% lighter than any previously used design that is robust. more than 8%. But Airbus does not want to stop there, it is applying the design of birth generation to make other parts of the aircraft.

The vertical part of the aircraft’s tail wing, or the correct name is the vertical stabilizer, which has been 20% lighter than before, the interior of the passenger compartment has been redesigned. Even design creation affects both … how to build the factory so that it is both cost effective and efficient.

Airbus is making improvements to lighter aircraft using Autodesk s magic design technology | Explore

Here’s how to create and modify the “iron bird” structure:

An engineer can show that a new part of an aircraft will have to be a bridge between two other structures in a specific way, and how much force it must withstand. With that information, the software can calculate EVERY way to satisfy given requirements, such as a special micro-grid structure or very small structures that can be printed on the surface of the material.

A designer will add more details, adding more support or padding to the design if they deem it necessary. With generative design, you can create a kind of geometric algorithm,David Benjamin, research director at Autodesk said. “Instead of starting with a large shape, then adding stability elements, you can gradually develop to get the final shape. This is a whole new way of thinking.

Then artificial intelligence will produce hundreds of designs with different parameters, the numbers are listed in detail. The engineer will choose the designs that have the most balanced parameters, and in the process, AI will also learn what is the most suitable parameter to perfect yourself in future designs.

Airbus is making improvements to lighter aircraft using Autodesk s magic design technology | Explore

Sometimes, the editing is surprisingly simple; with Autodesk software (modified over the past 4-5 years), an engineer has complete control over the weight or structure of a design. In collaboration with Airbus, Autodesk took another step further: bringing in the process of designing unique and complex variables. The more you say, the more you see this “production line” is more like an automatic machine, rather than the intervention of engineers.

By setting up an airplane, you have to take into account the comfort of the occupants, the amount of energy needed to create the assembly materials, the amount of assets poured in to produce it,Director Benjamin said. “Creative design is the best way to operate the whole complex process. The value of the system will get higher and higher as the production process becomes more and more complicated.

Airbus is making improvements to lighter aircraft using Autodesk s magic design technology | Explore

Airbus plans to build another engine plant in Hamburg, Germany, which is expected to start in 2020. With Autodesk supporting, Airbus is applying design creation to the design of production plants; they set about 10 criteria, from simple things like basic structure, the flow of people in and out of the factory to complex elements like energy efficiency, transportation of people and mold goods. factory pellets or even factory temperatures so that workers are most comfortable.

Autodesk takes a lot of time to create a design design tool to create complex requirements from Airbus. But the time invested in refining the tool will produce long-term results: design creation will increase automation, and then it will be able to set foot in other fields and other design aspects.

Today, the algorithm designed parts of an aircraft – it was efficient in precision mechanics. Tomorrow, the algorithm draws the structure of a huge factory, able to keep an eye on every little detail like the temperature in the workshop or as complicated as how much input power is enough. Who knows what it will do in the new decade.

According to FastCompany

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