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Against “buffalo children”, VNG will force gamers to fill in “sensitive” information to play Express Chien?

Currently, 100% VNG will be the issuer Alliance: Speed ​​War in Vietnam market. Currently, it is not clear how gamers will register for a League of Legends account in any form. In the case of VNG releasing League: Speed ​​War 100%, most likely, players will have to register for a Zing, Zalo account or log in with an instant play account and Facebook, like the previous online game products of this publisher.

If VNG cooperates with Riot Games to Alliance co-publisher: Express Chien In Vietnam, maybe, players will be using your Riot account to log into the server of this game. But with the cooperation under this mechanism, VNG will be the unit applying for the release of League of Legends: Express War, while Riot Games will be the operator of this game.

As a result, local players will most likely have to fill in deemed sensitive information such as identity card / citizenship number, email address, phone number or even local address. in. This is sensitive information For many people, but if this is true, VNG has done correctly according to current regulations.

Against buffalo children VNG will force gamers to fill in sensitive information to play Express Chien | Mobile & Social

To control the age of players in the management, for those who are not under the prescribed age of the product, will not be able to create an account League: Speed ​​War. This is also aimed measure Minimize buffalo young gamerswho have the ability to disrupt the experience of other mature gamers.

If according to the co-publishing plan, in addition to League: Speed ​​War, other Riot Games products in Vietnam such as Valorant, Legend of Runeterra, which have been confirmed to cooperate with VNG, are allowed to use the account. Riot Games Vietnam to login. And of course, players will likely have to fill in these information is deemed sensitive for many people as mentioned above.

Against buffalo children VNG will force gamers to fill in sensitive information to play Express Chien | Mobile & Social

According to the announcement from Riot Games, League of Legends: Rapid War will be released in Vietnam at the beginning of December this year. Currently, this game is starting its journey through Vietnam with Express Chien. The journey will end on November 29 at Hanoi Pedestrian Street, Hai Phong Riverside Walking Street, Vincom Plaza Ha Long and after that, maybe League: Express Chien will officially be released in the market. Vietnam. Update more latest information of League: Speed ​​War on the Fanpage of this game at Here!

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