After the iPhone 12, these old iPhone models will also be removed by Apple chargers and headphones

Accordingly, Twitter user DuanRui recently posted on Twitter a close-up video of the new iPhone 11 shipment. Although the video is of a rather lackluster quality, we can clearly see the size of the box. The new iPhone 11 has been thinner than before.

New version of iPhone 11 case: Thinner, because headphones and charger are not included

In fact, the new case size of the iPhone 11 is quite similar to that of the iPhone 12. This shows that Apple has removed the included earphone charger and EarPods on both old iPhone models. for doing this only on new iPhone models.

Previously, the GSM Arena news site discovered that Apple has just updated some modifications to the product description of the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) models on the online store Apple Store.

According to the latest information described, the aforementioned old iPhone models when sold around the world will only come with a USB-C cable to the Lighting port, ie no headphones and charger. The only exception is France, where you’ll still get EarPods that come with all iPhone models currently on sale. The reason is that this country’s law requires phone manufacturers to provide headphones with smartphones when selling products.

The product description of the iPhone XR shows that this phone will not come with a charger and headphones

Explaining the elimination of headphones and chargers, Apple said this was “one of the efforts to reduce the environmental impact”. According to Apple, the world currently has 700 million Lighting headsets and 2 billion chargers – a figure shows that most people will not be short of both types of accessories. Therefore, Apple recommends that users reuse old accessories or buy more on their own.

Currently, Apple is selling a new 20W USB-C fast charger for $ 19 (about 440,000 VND), replacing the old 18W charger that came with previous iPhone 11 models. Wired EarPods, meanwhile, are currently priced at around $ 19 (about $ 440,000), down $ 10 from the $ 29 price tag before the iPhone 12 line launched.

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