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After the “drama” closed suddenly, Audition suddenly “turned”, is there a phase “Au, turn the car”?

On October 6, the Vietnamese gaming community almost stood still in front of the information officially given by VTC Game about the discontinuation of the release. Audition in the Vietnamese market. The reason given by this NPH is the side the partner has declined VTC’s efforts Game to release Audition But don’t give any additional information around this.

A few lines were posted briefly on the homepage Audition with simple content as follows:

“Keep position Number 1 Casual game series dancing during the past 14 years; Audition has always accompanied the city dancers, enough to sublimate online emotions into real life, enough for strangers to become close as a family, and also enough for many couples from dancing friends the virtual world turns into real-life love.

The human ecology, having a beginning, will also have an end. Up to now, the partner owns the copyright of the Game Audition VTC Game’s attempts to continue release have been declined Audition. So we regret to announce: Stop releasing game Audition in the Vietnamese market “

The most remarkable thing is, this announcement came out on a very sudden for all players Audition in particular, as well as the Vietnamese gaming community in general, was surprised, even stunned. Because, during the past 14 years, Audition like a monument to the Vietnamese game village and has an extremely large number of players.

Before this announcement was made extremely surprisingly, it was on both the Home page and the Fanpage of Audition There was only one announcement on September 30th about the suspension of payment function. The reason given by VTC Game is for maintenance. Then, on October 6, the announcement of a sudden cessation was given by this NPH without a previous status line from September 30 to before October 6.

After the drama closed suddenly Audition suddenly turned is there a phase Au turn the car | Mobile & Social

Home of Audition No more closing notice

However, at present, what makes the public concerned is, the closing notice has been completely deleted or hidden on both the official Fanpage and the homepage of Audition. Is this a “variable” that gives hope to gamers Audition or not? If the hypothesis is yes, what will it be? Maybe a “Au, turn around” phase or not? All are just hypotheses and will have to wait for the final official announcement from the NPH VTC Game before the fate of the Audition in the Vietnamese market like.

After the drama closed suddenly Audition suddenly turned is there a phase Au turn the car | Mobile & Social

Fanpage also disappeared notice of discontinuation?

Considered as one of the products “declared the national spirit” Audition has made great contributions to creating the appearance of the Vietnamese game market in general as well as the music and dance game series in particular. If Vo Lam Truyen Ky had a firm foothold in the hearts of gamers of the swordplay MMORPG, Raid is the monument of the shooter series then Audition is the “ancestor” of later music and dance products.

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