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After the ‘death miss’ 2018, Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree?

Xiaomi is getting bigger and bigger

Xiaomi More special than many other names, especially fellow companies when providing Vietnamese users with a relatively complete equipment ecosystem from smartphones, laptops to technology accessories, home appliances, fashion. , … And it is P / P (price / perfomance) that is very good to help its product name “Apple Asia “easily caught the eye of many people.

There are no specific statistics on the liking and loyalty of users to the “MiTu team” (also known as the Mi Rabbit – Xiaomi mascot) but you can do a round of Google, Facebook will easily Realizing that there are many groups and forums in the country and abroad specializing in Xiaomi products. The Mifan community and its deep diverse product ecosystem contribute significantly to a strong foothold for this brand, an image that is quite similar to itself. Apple.

For smartphones alone, Xiaomi has recently made strong strides. On a global scale, the firm officially surpassed Apple to become the third largest smartphone company in the world in terms of number of products sold in the third quarter of 2020 according to IDC data.

Also achieving similar impressive results in Vietnam, in the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi owned 114% growth compared to the same period last year to own 12% of the smartphone market share in our country, ranking third after Samsung and OPPO, according to the latest Canalys statistics. Of course these figures come from mainstream distribution channels, not including products circulating in portable form.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

With reference to some of the major retail chains, we note the positive contribution of the Xiaomi brand to sales to business units. “FPT Shop started to sell Xiaomi phones from March 2017 … Xiaomi currently accounts for about 6-7% of the total number of phones sold by FPT Shop. Xiaomi phones are growing well thanks to the Redmi 9A models. , Poco X3 and Mi 10T Pro, said Pham Quoc Bao Duy, Director of FPT Shop’s mobile phone system.

At CellphoneS, which sells both genuine Xiaomi smartphones and distribution accessories in Vietnam, also recorded positive numbers. Retail chain representatives shared: “CellphoneS has cooperated to distribute genuine Xiaomi products since its presence in the Vietnamese market, since 2016. Currently, the proportion of Xiaomi smartphone sales accounts for about 12% of total sales, and accessories make up about 25% “.

“Mobile Vietnam started to distribute genuine Xiaomi products from the years 2018. The attraction of this brand in Vietnam is quite large, with the number of phones sold fluctuating around 115,000 products / year and accessories about 2,000 products / year. With the advantage of strong configuration, integrating many trendy features and good selling prices, it is expected that genuine Xiaomi’s attraction will grow 10-15% per year “Representative of Mobile Vietnam commented on the selling power and the growth of genuine products from Xiaomi.

After the “death miss” 2018, how are portable Xiaomi products now?

Reminder of the event that took place in early October 2018 when Xiaomi announced it would stop supporting mobile phones from China to install software from international markets to prevent illegal imports. Specifically, products dedicated to the world’s most populous market will not be able to install international ROMs and vice versa. At that time, according to a share of the Xiaomi portable phone business, sales had decreased by 30% compared to the previous month and many places had to find new directions, importing other brands to replace.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

The fact that Xiaomi stopped supporting mobile phones from China to install software from the international market has been identified by many major media companies in our country as an electronic newspaper for Xiaomi portable phones.

That is the story of two years ago and we call it the missing phase because at the present time, it is not difficult for you to find and buy a Xiaomi smartphone but has never been distributed through the official channel. From websites that offer Google keyword searches to e-commerce platforms, products like this are very easy to come across.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

For example, the Mi 10 Ultra you can easily find and buy online even though it has not been genuine distribution in Vietnam

In addition to a number of smartphones that are not genuine / not distributed in our country, the price of the “unofficial” products is also more attractive to users. “The difficulty is that the prices of portable and genuine differences quite a lot, about 20-30%”According to Mr. Pham Quoc Bao Duy from FPT Shop when talking about the obstacles of Xiaomi brand smartphone business in Vietnam today.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

POCO F2 Pro distributed by Xiaomi Vietnam via Lazada has a genuine price of 10.99 million VND

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

Meanwhile, Redmi K30 Pro (domestic version of POCO F2 Pro) is priced at only 8.65 million VND from a portable store.

The business situation of portable Xiaomi products is even more complicated because not only smartphones, this brand also has an ecosystem of technology accessories, home appliances and fashion for merchants to import into business. A common feature is that the products that have just been introduced by Xiaomi will appear as portable products significantly earlier than imported products, officially distributed. Items such as charging cables, chargers, backup batteries to vacuum cleaners, air purifiers under the brand “Stir-fried noodles” are well received by many users in Vietnam by their features, technology / price. quite attractive compared to other big names.

The way Vietnamese consumers can find genuine Xiaomi products is just as ambiguous because a part comes from shops. From the words firmly affirming “genuine goods”, “genuine imported goods” on websites, e-commerce sites to business units such as Mi Vietnam, Xiaomi Vietnam, Mi Store, … is enough to confuse the shopper brain For example, Mi Store, which is known as a chain of stores “private parcel” of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, according to our research, two systems exist in parallel in our country. One side is the result of cooperation between Xiaomi Vietnam and distributor Digiworld, the other side of Mi Vietnam Co., Ltd. sells both distributed goods from Digiworld and imported goods directly from Xiaomi Beijing.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

The ribbon-cut image of the opening of an authorized Mi Store between Xiaomi Vietnam and a Digiworld distributor in Hanoi in early October

Will the upcoming portable Xiaomi products still live comfortably?

The stroke named Decree 98/2020 / ND-CP, effective from October 15, 2020, specifies the cases and at the same time aggravates the sanction of administrative violations in commercial activities, production and trading of counterfeit and banned goods, certainly partly affects sales units of portable Xiaomi products. The maximum fine level in the field of commerce, protecting the interests of consumers is 100 million VND for individuals, 200 million VND for organizations that can “falter” many small business units.

In addition, the investment in diversifying new products, attractive prices and improving after-sales and warranty policies are also being promoted by the company and genuine goods distribution chains. It is quite a pity that we tried to contact Xiaomi Vietnam about the content in the article but did not receive any reply, but through the information from representatives of major chains, we can see the does the overall picture of genuine distribution goods compete with smuggled goods, tax evasion.

“From a number of sources of information we have, the sales of genuine and portable Xiaomi products are 50-50 so it is possible to evaluate that the rate of customer interest is equal between genuine and portable”, Mr. Bao Duy said. “FPT Shop has additional promotions in addition to the general promotion program from the company, Xiaomi invests in the Xiaomi experience table with more than 50% of the number of shops to help customers experience the Xiaomi device before deciding to buy”.

At CellphoneS, according to shared information, products in the Xiaomi ecosystem have grown continuously due to meeting the demand for genuine products. “Before, customers had to buy products floating on the market, there was no guarantee of warranty as well as difficult usage because of the Chinese interface. With the current price and warranty policy of genuine products – face types. Every day, as well as the price adjustment sold at the system close to the price of portable products, there is a guarantee of peace of mind. It can be said that the current portable Xiaomi product has almost no chance Competition in main segments such as robot vacuum cleaner, air purifier, … “chain store communication representative said.

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

Sample price Mi Band 5 portable at a store with the price “dancing” according to the hot color of the color from 690,000 – 750,000 VND

After the death miss 2018 Xiaomi portable products have no doors to live after the new decree | Tech ice tea

The price of genuine Mi Band 5 bracelet at CellphoneS is priced at VND 790,000, which is only slightly higher than VND 100,000 compared to portable products.

Also according to the representative of CellphoneS, customers increasingly tend to choose genuine distribution, only a handful of strange products, niche markets are not genuine, customers have to look for handbags. hand.

In addition to competitive prices, warranty and promotion policies from Xiaomi Vietnam, stores also stimulate demand for genuine goods with their own incentive programs. “Viet Mobile regularly integrates more incentives, such as direct discounts, or giving PMH and other incentives when buying accessories, so that customers can receive more genuine Xiaomi series”, the representative of Mobile Viet shared.

It can be seen that the combination of the three parties of the state, the company / distributor and the retailer is bringing many positive signs for users to access products in the Xiaomi ecosystem more easily. As long as the p / p advantage of Xiaomi is maintained and the development policy in Vietnam is focused on expanding by the company, it is also when the land for hand-carried traders is labeled “Noodles “narrower.

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