After more than half a decade, the LCK set a record LPL defeat against the LPL with the defeat of Gen.G

The defeat of Gen.G Esports in front of TOP Esports in the semi-final of the Mid-Season Cup 2020 LPL friendly match – LCK, not only was a milestone for the Korean lack of Chinese representatives, but it also set a sad record among the LCK fans.

TES vs GEN Highlights ALL GAMES Day 3 Mid Season Cup 2020 Semifinals Top Esports vs Gen G by Onivia

Failure “white back” with the score 0-3 of Gen.G Esports yesterday 30/5/2020, has marked the milestone of 2063 days since the last time, an LCK representative received “absolute defeat” “before a representative LPL in confrontations between the two regions.

Back to the past nearly 6 years ago, the name of the LCK must receive a painful defeat similar to Gen.G, is Najin White Shield – Representative of Korea’s No. 3 Seed attended the World Championship in 2014. In the quarterfinals World Cup tournament that year, the team of familiar names like GorillA, Zefa, Watch … was represented from China – OMG, defeated with a score of 3-0 in the match that took place on On 6/10/2014, marking the first time, a Korean team must receive defeat “3 white” in an international tournament.

A rare moment in the past, an LPL representative destroyed an LCK representative during the golden age of Korean League of Legends.

In fact, the defeat of Gen.G is only in a friendly tournament, but this milestone will surely become a wound to the fans of LoLs in kimchi.

At the present time, perhaps no one doubts the position between the LPL and the LCK area anymore, only, the failure of the LCK teams in the last tournament is still enough to make everyone surprised. , because the qualification gap is there, but the distance is so unbelievably large that few people would have expected it.

After more than half a decade the LCK set a record LPL defeat against the LPL with the defeat of Gen G | Esports

Gen.G Esports – The best representative of the LCK at the Mid-Season Cup 2020 could not avoid the painful defeat of LPL representatives.

After all, the LCK is clearly facing a major challenge, with an urgent need to implement a comprehensive reform, both in tactical thinking, play and training of the young. In the context of the annual LPL still producing young, extremely good players, some LCK teams even have to look to veterans like Smeb to replenish their forces.

It is true that the LPL cannot compare with the LCK in terms of titles, but it is a thing of the past. If they still maintain the playstyle and global thinking as it is now, sooner or later, the LCK will be overtaken by the LPL.

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