After many consecutive scandals, Shounen Jump magazine is losing quality day by day

To find articles that analyze in-depth Anime / manga, people often look to magazines Shounen Jump Japanese to satisfy. But with the end of a series of popular manga like Kimetsu No Yaiba or Promised Neverland … the motivation to attract readers to Shounen Jump is almost gone. Even exclusive sports series that this magazine owns like Haikyuu !! also entered the ending stage.

The new series are not attractive enough for readers

Losing the pillars that made the magazine’s name, Shounen Jump’s revenue and influence in the latter’s time was hit hard. Because the Shounen series later updated by the magazine did not bring as good sales as their predecessors. Weekly magazine also has difficulty in finding new writers that have revived the manga industry.

All of this turns 2020 into a dark period with Shounen Jump weekly. Especially at a time when Japan was heavily influenced by Covid translation, people focused on many factors other than magazines.

After many consecutive scandals Shounen Jump magazine is losing quality day by day | Manga/Film

Sex scandal of Act – Age significantly affected the magazine

That is not to mention the Sexual Harassment Scandal of the writer of the manga Act – Age, which affected the name of the week. If things go on as it is now, the manga industry will still suffer, and publishers will also refuse the opportunity to shake hands with new authors. This would deal a tragic blow to the newspaper depending on the overall Manga situation of the country.

Currently, most of Japan’s cult anime films as well as comic book adaptations are being postponed indefinitely before the 2020 Olympics event, making the operation of Shounen Jump more and more difficult. What do you think about this weekly Shounen Jump scandals in 2020?

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