After all, how many times has Konoha in Naruto been attacked?

At the time of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju hunted the tailed beasts to give to the villages in order to balance the military forces between the nations to end the war. A new order has been established called the Five Great Powers. Accordingly, although never admitted, the other Kage implicitly implies that among the Kage who is the strongest person on top of the power of the Shinobi world.

Through four consecutive great ninja wars, despite all that effort, few countries can approach and gain an advantage when facing this Fire Nation village. However, Konoha was not immune to invasions because of that. Because many times in the past, the most powerful ninjas from various organizations came to this village to hunt down the Nine-Tails.

1st time: Kyubi’s attack

In the past, Konoha was attacked many times in the second great ninja war. Because this is the escalating moment of the battle that makes the war extremely complicated. Even the younger brother and lover of the Fifth Tsunade fell before these invasions. However, since the series’ beginnings until now such small battles don’t have too much information mentioned. So in this post we are only talking about invasions since Naruto was born. Starting from the Nine-Tails invasion under Madara’s direction.

Konoha was attacked by the Nine-Tails

Being the most powerful tailed beast in all, the Nine-Tails has caused considerable damage to Konoha both in terms of property and people. One of them was the departure of the Fourth Hokage in a flash of gold. In return, this event also caused the Nine-Tails’ power to be sealed inside Naruto, turning him into a Jinchuriki to begin a new adventure.

2nd: Orochimaru’s Invasion

Many years after leaving Konohagakure, Orochimaru – one of the legendary ninjas created his own military force called Sound Village. The village colluded with Cat Village during the Chunin Selection Exam to create a historic attack.

After all how many times has Konoha in Naruto been attacked | Manga/Film

Orochimaru attacked Konoha

However, for many reasons, Orochimaru’s plan failed, causing him to seal his arms inside the Demon of the Wind. After that battle, both Cat village and neighboring Konoha lost their top Kage. This event seriously affected the military system and the political status of the two great powers. The Sand Village was constantly invaded by small countries, while Konoha struggled with civil war between underground factions in the village.

3rd: The invasion of the Guardian Ninja

In the Fire Nation, there is a group of 12 of the nation’s most powerful warriors tasked with protecting the warlord named the guardian ninja. At the top of this invasion is the strongest ninja among them. Although there was no protectorate of any nation or high level organization, the invasion of this group of four ninjas left even more damage than the previous wars.

After all how many times has Konoha in Naruto been attacked | Manga/Film

A group of ninja exiles once attacked Konoha

A lot of land and buildings have been completely destroyed by the earthbending power of the Fire Nation ninjas. This event was referred to by the elders of Konoha as a national disgrace to its inability to fend off these exiled ninja.

4th: Pain attack

Time after time the most powerful ninja of the Akatsuki assassin organization were defeated by Konoha’s strength. Unable to accept that, Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki organization with the eyes of the Six Paths Sage, invaded this village personally.

After all how many times has Konoha in Naruto been attacked | Manga/Film

Pain’s invasion nearly destroyed the entire village

This is considered one of the biggest battles ever to take place in the ninja world because of its magnificence. With only 7 ninjas including Konan and Nagato. Pain completely destroyed the life of the village from life, wealth, material … In fact, more than half of Konoha’s inhabitants including Kakashi were killed by the overwhelming power of this group of assassins. .

However for some reason Nagato decided to use forbidden magic to revive the village from the ashes. This event also caused politics in Konoha to turn towards a major focus on Danzo’s Origins.

There are also a number of other invasions worth noting such as the attack on Konoha in the parallel world (Movie), Konoha destroyed by Kawaki (Boruto) … all are historical events. for the village known as the strongest ninja in the ninja world. In your opinion, what is the most impressive invasion in the history of Konoha?

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