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After a period of silence, the chairman of Taobao, whose career information was exposed, nearly lost everything because of an affair scandal

Sohu reported on June 15 that former chairman of Taobao, Jiang Fan, has resigned from his senior executive position at a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Netizens speculate that this is a new disciplinary measure for Chiang Pham.

Reportedly, after his wife criticized her shady relationship and leading Chinese hotgirl Zhang Pandemic, Jiang Fan was investigated and publicly disciplined by Alibaba Group. Accordingly, on 27/4, the representative of Alibaba said that, in addition to removing the partnership and demotion, Tuong Pham also canceled all benefits and bonuses in the previous financial year.

In the following days, Jack Ma often expressed his attitude that still values ​​Chiang Pham. However, on June 15, Chinese media suddenly reported that the legal representative of Hangzhou Medical Co., Ltd., Jiang Fan had resigned, and he no longer held the position of chairman and CEO. of this company. It is known that Hangzhou Medical Co., Ltd is a subsidiary acquired by Alibaba in February 2020.

In response, the Alibaba representative said the resignation had a normal change after the end of the acquisition process for a company.

Although the affair scandal of chairman Taobao and the famous Chinese hotgirl was the focus of public opinion, it did not appear on the hot topic list for many days afterward.

But, despite being demoted many times, Jiang Fan is now the Vice President of Alibaba Group and still holds key positions in Alibaba Group. However, the reputation of the man born in 1985 is no longer the same.

Source: Sohu

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