After a great success, Among Us suddenly revealed part 2

Among US is a social deception game released in 2018 by studio Innersloth, which has seen its popularity skyrocket in popularity in recent months, with nearly 1.5 million players. time on different versions of the game. Therefore, in a recent press release, developer Innersloth has said that they will develop a sequel titled Among Us 2, which will expand the scope of the original game.

Released on and Steam in 2018, Among Us is a classic social inference game “Ghost Wolf”. Among Us puts players in teams of 4-10 players to repair a space station by completing various quests, while all trying to complete missions has mixed killers and Other players to secretly kill them. Recently, many YouTubers and streamer have played this game, leading to the popularity of Among Us in recent times. In response to the love of the gaming community, developer Innersloth officially announced the sequel to the game.

In a blog post on, Innersloth developers talk about why they created a sequel. Among Us is currently overloaded due to too many players at the same time, so the main priority in the next section is to make it possible to “withstand development.” Among Us 2’s development process has just begun, but the development team has revealed some features that players can expect. However, all of the maps in Among Us will move on to the next installment, but these maps will be able to hold around 12-15 players per round, including cross play.

After a great success Among Us suddenly revealed part 2 | PC/Console

Speaking of players, the team is working to create new roles in the player roster such as fixer, supervisor, security, etc. The development team has also hinted at ” The “big content update” will feature new maps and game modes for players to try. The group has signed with the notice that they will release some updates to Among Us in the near future.

Among Us 2 has no release date yet and may be released for PC before switching to the mobile platform. Meanwhile, Among Us is being sold on Steam for 70,000 VND and is completely free on the mobile platform.

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