After 5 years of not singing, Ly Hai suddenly returned as a rapper … shot rap according to the trend

It has been 5 years since Ly Hai was absent from the music industry to focus on his film career and fans are still waiting for his comeback. Even though there are about 3 months left Flip: 48H – The latest movie in Ly Hai’s “hundred billion” brand has just been released but the director and producer entertained the audience for the music video “Rap SayMore surprisingly, in this MV, Ly Hai directly contributed his voice, and even “caught the trend”, rapping was extremely catchy and showed very lively choreography. Duet with Ly Hai in “Rap Say “There is also comedian Mac Van Khoa and young singer Cao Phuong Thuy.

RAP SAY – Ly Hai, Mac Van Khoa, Cao Phuong Thuy | OST Turns Over: 48H – Launch: 1st Lunar New Year 2021

As revealed earlier, Flip: 48H will be the film Ly Hai bringing his dramatic action – “specialty” to the context of Western rivers. Therefore, the lyrics of “Rap Say” also talk about the lives of pure Western people, with the MV part of the typical images of the river region such as rice fields, flying storks, and Cai Rang floating market. .. Romance, attachment to this land have helped Ly Hai to process the materials very skillfully and effectively connect with the audience emotionally. From famous places in the West such as My Tho and Kien Giang to familiar specialties, “Rap Say” is gracefully included in the song. First time rapping but Ly Hai made the audience extremely excited with the smooth flow and rhythmic rhyme of the rap.

After 5 years of not singing Ly Hai suddenly returned as a rapper shot rap according to the trend | Manga/Film

It is known that the author of the song “Rap Say” is Gold K, a young artist who also has a great love and inspiration in the West of rivers like Ly Hai. Sharing about her fate with “Rap Say”, Ly Hai said: “Rap Say is one of the most special songs in both my music and movie career. At the beginning of October 2019, we held a casting to choose the actor for Flip: 48H, Gold K came to casting acting and showed his talent as rapping. Although not suitable for the role, Gold K rapped very impressive. Right after the casting, we contacted to order the rap song performed by you and Gold K finished the song in October. After that, we invited Musician Bim (who has cooperated with us for 3 parts. Turned Over) produced the music for this song by Gold K to create the song Rap Say today“.

After 5 years of not singing Ly Hai suddenly returned as a rapper shot rap according to the trend | Manga/Film

The director said that because he was so fond of the song, Ly Hai decided that he would perform “Rap Say” himself. Despite showing many lines of music, this is the first time Ly Hai rapped. The recording of the song also brings many challenges to the voice of “Lifetime with you”. “Ly Hai has not recorded for a long time and especially this song is still in the rap genre, so the recording brothers want to twitch their tongue and after recording, they want to keep their mouths shut. “, Ly Hai added. In order to maintain the quality of the West Coast of the river, the crew “Rap Say” did not hesitate to wear Ba Ba’s shirt, went to the fields to swim to record the MV. “When we practice the choreography for the MV, we do it on the floor, while we have to dance underneath. Shocked knee-deep when dancing to his feet, the whole group of artists was reluctant to fall. “, Ly Hai humorously revealed.

After 5 years of not singing Ly Hai suddenly returned as a rapper shot rap according to the trend | Manga/Film

Talking about the collaboration with Mac Van Khoa, Ly Hai said that after a long time working together, the two had a very good harmony. Although Mac Van Khoa is not a professional singer, Ly Hai realized that the actor possesses a characteristic voice and the ability to speak very fluently, so the rap voice will not be like anyone. “Mac Van Khoa reads Rap very witty with his very own spelling, not following any of Rap’s rules. Therefore, the audience will definitely be attracted to this special style“, Ly Hai commented.

The content is rustic, the music is catchy, along with the lively images and choreography, combined with the charming and charming comedy of Ly Hai, the audience not only “drunk” the MV but also more eagerly awaiting the super Action Products – Flip: 48H.

Flip: 48H director and producer Ly Hai will open on 1st Lunar New Year 2021 (12.02.2021).

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