After 36 years of Nobita episode and how will the space war be refreshed in Doraemon Movie 2021?

Most recently, the producers have officially announced the 41st movie for Doraemon. Accordingly, the 2021 Doraemon movie will be a remake of Doraemon: Nobita and the space war (Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars) was produced in 1985. The 2021 Doraemon movie with the official name of Doraemon: Nobita and space war 2021 (Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021) is expected. premiered in Japan on March 5, 2021.

『映 画 ド ラ え も ん の び 太 の 宇宙 小 戦 争 争 2021』 予 告 編

Susumu Yamaguchi, directing four Sergent Keroro films from 2007 to 2010, will direct the script. Shirogumi, an internationally renowned CG production company, that participated in the STAND BY ME Doraemon 3DCG series will be co-producing on this project.

Remind a bit about the episode of Nobita and the war of the universe. The story begins with Nobita being kicked out of Suneo and Jaian’s crew because of his clumsy character. Nobita asked Doraemon to make his own movie, he asked Shizuka for help but contrary to Nobita’s intention, Shizuka wanted to make a fairy movie and during the filming, Shizuka’s teddy rabbit was lost. area. Upon returning home, Nobita and Doraemon discover the rabbit lying in his yard, the two are surprised and they discover the rabbit ridden by Papi of the planet Parika-riding.

After hearing Papi’s story told, Nobita agreed to help a new friend. The next day, Jaian’s team was filming the damaged movie scene when a whale-shaped spaceship came to bombard it. The group has thrown the ship damaged and said that it was Nobita to destroy the mob and drag each other to question Nobita’s crime. After hearing the story clearly, Jaian – Suneo and later even Shizuka agreed to help Papi get his planet back.

After 36 years of Nobita episode and how will the space war be refreshed in Doraemon Movie 2021 | Manga/Film

After Shizuka was captured by the rebels and Papi was forced to sacrifice her life to save her, the Nobita friends decided to go to Parika to chase Giru, a fierce battle ensued. Then the group of 3 was captured by Giru, 2 people were shot by Giru’s army, the antenna of the toy tank (enlarged and edited by Suneo) and fell into the sea. Because the miniature flashlight wears off, the group of friends is enlarged again. After the victory, the group was allowed to go home.

Above are the latest content revolving around the film project Doraemon 2021. You are a fan of Nobita and the war of the universe produced in 1985, let’s wait and see how attractive the 2021 version will be.

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