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Admiring Christian Bale’s transforming ability when filming: Whether the character is muscular or thin, he can ‘weigh’ all

For those who love cinema, especially US-UK works, Christian Bale is probably a name that is not too strange. Starting his career at the age of 13 with the famous director Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun, now the actor born in 1974 has owned his own huge movie collection, along with a series of awards. noble individual rewards, including a 2011 Oscars gold statue. For fans of the superhero movie series, Bale is also considered one of the best Batman ever to appear on the big screen. through Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Referring to Bale, people in the profession often give him a lot of praise for his excellent role-playing ability, strict acting techniques and especially his best for the role. That is why he often minimizes the interference of computer techniques, especially with his appearance. If the character is muscular, he is ready to rush into the gym to practice hard every day. If the skinny character is sick, he is not tired of losing weight, dieting, or even destroying his own health.

Just look at the photo comparison above we will immediately understand how Christian Bale is really passionate about the role. When he joined Brad Anderson’s The Machinist in 2004, he transformed into Trevor Reznik – a mechanic suffering from chronic insomnia. During work, he accidentally caused an accident and caused his colleague (Michael Ironside) to lose an arm. This incident was so haunting that he constantly had hallucinations, tormented in pain, and further weakened his body.

When performing the shooting, director Anderson suggested using props combined with makeup to help Bale become thinner on screen. However, the actor refused and determined to lose weight on his own with a rather strict diet. His relatives shared that he only ate 1 apple each meal, drank water and coffee, sometimes added a little whiskey, over and over again for several days. In addition, he also constantly smokes with the “hope” of quickly possessing a skin and bone body. As a result, he lost more than 28 kg (62 pounds) and became an undeniable Trevor Reznik. When filming The Machinist, Bale weighed only about 54.5 kg (120 pounds) only.

Immediately after The Machinist closed the filming, Christian Bale immediately went into frenetic 6-month training in preparation for Batman Begins (2005). It is known that after the days of devastating the body with apples and water, he gained 45.3 kg (100 pounds), and then had to lose more than 9 kg (20 pounds) according to the advice of director Nolan. As Batman, his muscular muscles help him transform into the character in the most accurate way, while also allowing him to move and act easily in Batsuit suits – which are also not light. a little bit.

Admiring Christian Bale s transforming ability when filming Whether the character is muscular or thin he can weigh all | Living

When filming The Machinist, Bale weighed only nearly 55kg, but 6 months later he gained nearly 40kg to prepare for the role of Batman.

Looking a little further, Christian Bale has also repeatedly performed spectacular body weight gain / loss in preparation for his movie projects. He lost about 25kg (55 pounds) for the movie Rescue Dawn, then recently gained 18kg (40 pounds) to become the Dick Cheney in Vice. However, the actor said he would never “torture” him like he did when he joined The Machinist, because his current health was unable to withstand such a strict diet.

In the near future, Christian Bale will join the MCU as Gorr the God Butcher – the antagonist in Thor: Love and Thunder and a rival who almost killed the God of Thunder in the comic version. Let’s wait and see this time the talented actor will “transform” to become a famous Assassin in the Marvel universe.

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