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Actually, installing a game on an SSD will shorten the life of the hard drive

Not like a few years ago, now SSD has become one of the most affordable storage devices available. At affordable and mid-range prices, a 120 SSD from manufacturers like Kingston, Crucial or Western Digital are all very affordable. Compared to about 5 years ago, SSD It’s like something that is a luxury and hard to reach, only suitable for high-end gaming computer systems, and SSDs only for Windows installation, and game, with products with increasing capacity, they only dare to install on regular HDDs.

But now a 480GB SSD is not too expensive. Buying products such as Kingston A400, Transcend TS480G or Trion 100 about, installing Windows and installing games to load the screen quickly is no longer strange. And you can also see that our new hardware tests and game reviews all use two SSDs, one to install Windows and the other to install the game. It must be said that if there’s a small amount of finance, SSD is a great choice to install games on a computer instead of HDD, which has the advantage of high capacity but the speed of reading and durability are not comparable.

But there are still a lot of gamers who still doubt that SSDs used to install games will have their lives shortened.

This fact is not entirely accurate.

Still agreeing, SSD life will decline after a certain number of times of reading and writing data. This is the inherent flaw of the NAND chip used inside these beautiful but powerful drives. So many people also keep to their thinking that SSD should only be used to install Windows, and the game is installed on the HDD for durability.

Actually installing a game on an SSD will shorten the life of the hard drive | Gaming Gear

But here’s the truth: Tech Report has taken an 18-month long test to write data continuously to SSD to see how much data a regular SSD will write, and here’s the result: After 18 months, the write limit to SSDs is higher than what most people use. Samsung 840 Series SSDs surpassed the first 300TB of write data, and only began to encounter errors after writing a total of 700TB of data. Particularly for the 840 Pro series, the above figure is 2.4PB (about 2400TB).

If you take the 700TB mark in the above test, on average you will have to write 100GB of data every day in a row for 19 years, your SSD will start to fail, and if you get the 2.4PB figure for more advanced drives it takes 54 years to break down.

Of course, cheaper products will also have a lower life expectancy. But 54 years? During that process, you may have changed to nearly a dozen computers, but the SSD is not necessarily broken. Therefore, installing games, deleting games, even continuous ones, will not have too much effect on the overall processing ability of the solid-state hard drive you currently own. In other words, an SSD is something to install and read data quickly. Going to Windows with the system files reading like that without damaging the SSD, is there a terrible game that can damage the SSD?

Actually installing a game on an SSD will shorten the life of the hard drive | Gaming Gear

However, there are still useful tips for gamers who own SSDs at the moment. First and foremost, never install games or data that is full of SSDs. Not only the HDD, but even the SSD works slower when the storage capacity is not much other words that the drive is at full state. When the storage space is low, each NAND storage is nearly full. The SSD must read these data blocks into the cache, then put the new data into the attached arrangement. Finally, it all comes back to the hard drive. This process significantly reduces the writing performance of SSDs.

Second, unlike games and operating systems, you should not store too many movies or music, data that is rarely used continuously, but instead transfer them to the HDD.

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