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Activities that should not be missed SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG?

Go fishing

In addition to version plowing, fishing is one of the most useful activities in SAMURAI SHODOWN: Legend of the Samurai. When fishing, the swordsmen will constantly improve their fishing skills and thereby open up higher level fishing maps, where there are better fish. So what are fish for? They are of course ingredients for cooking, and when they are processed into dishes, they will give gamers quite useful buffs. The rare fish species will also give the catcher the title. These titles also bring a number of attributes to the player.

In addition, fishing can also bring in certain ingredients that are converted into fame or gold used to buy the keys to the Demon World. And yet, gamers can also acquire Luc Ngoc, high-class cookbooks, treasure maps, fishing tips … Among these items, Luc Ngoc is used to buy fashion or animal sets. rides in store.

Hong Ma Purgatory

When we refer to the experience of playing SAMURAI SHODOWN: Samurai Legend from international gamers, the name Hong Ma Purgatory is frequently mentioned. This is a very important copy for gamers from level 55 because the Hong Ma equipment drops from the bosses here is an extremely good choice for gamers who have not yet maxed the level.

Activities that should not be missed SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG | Mobile & Social

To get into this sub-version, gamers need an admission ticket and fitness. In Hong Ma Purgatory, players will meet four different bosses are Thu Hac, Crane Lady, Momijigari, Mizuki. Between the main bosses, there are quite a few small monsters for gamers to heal, so do not rush to meet the boss, wait for the whole team to be full of blood. These bosses all have quite troublesome skills:

• Thu Hac (a fat pig like a pig) can cover his body with fire, making it difficult for melee characters to deal damage.

• Crane Lady does not have high damage but can blow whirlwinds that make it difficult for melee characters, and can turn the player’s character into… dog and they cannot counterattack during this time.

Momijigari is similar to Vu Chuc, capable of summoning monsters to fight. The boss itself can also attack gamers from afar with a fairly wide range.

• Mizuki has very high damage compared to the first three bosses. Besides, it can also use thunder to cause paralysis in a large area.

You can easily see that all four bosses of the Red Magic Purgatory test the player’s ability to move position, but the equipment is equally important – because they have wide AOE skills and Small monsters support, more or less gamers will take damage.

Activities daily and weekly

Whether doing main quests, sub-plowing, and fighting Ma Giới are the most popular ways to increase combat power, gamers SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG also has a variety of daily activities that can bring experience and materials. In order to enter the daily activity, you need to reach a minimum of level 19. The first activity unlocked is Duong Vien Ma (1 time per day) which brings a lot of experience. At level 21, the PvP feature will open up so that swordsmen can compete with good people and gain experience and honor in exchange for PvP equipment.

Activities that should not be missed SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG | Mobile & Social

SAMURAI SHODOWN: Legendary Samurai also has a variety of different activities happening continuously every day of the week, such as Saturday, Sunday where Demon Tests can be taunted to gain experience and materials. This is the most experienced activity in the game, just behind the storyline missions. Mondays and Wednesdays have Monster Infiltration rewards entrance tickets for the sub-version, the Thursday has the Injury Guard or Prevent the Injury Team for players of level 20 and above, the Friday has a Protective Barrier for gamers level 35 and above up.

Activities that should not be missed SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG | Mobile & Social

Activities that should not be missed SAMURAI SHODOWN VNG | Mobile & Social

Completing these missions not only yields experience, materials, and equipment, but also increases the gamer’s Dynamic score, as shown by the gauge located on the bottom edge of the screen. When Dynamic reaches certain milestones, gamers will receive gold, ingredients, Sushi (Strength recovery), the chance to take attendance, … So no matter what your goal is, never skip these activities!

And those are three things that gamers cannot ignore when playing SAMURAI SHODOWN: Legend of Samurai. In fact, this game also has many other interesting side activities that gamers can enjoy such as the classic Japanese card game Hanafuda. We will introduce this interesting card game to you in another article.

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