Accused by Honda of ‘infringing interests’ and ‘badly affecting SH image’ in Vietnam, PEGA took iPhone to explain and wants to be friends with Honda

Today (February 18, 2020), PEGA has just published a response to a letter sent by Honda Vietnam (HVN) on February 14 about the electric car company’s actions that are considered incorrect in The launch of a new model called eSH.

Accordingly, in the letter HVN sent to PEGA mentioned that the electric car company has had an act of advertising eSH cars by the method of direct comparison with the SH car of HVN and said that PEGA used the image of the SH car without license, infringing on the rights and interests of HVN, adversely affecting SH image Honda argues that such acts violate the law, citing the 2012 Advertising Law and the 2018 Competition Law.

HVN also proposed PEGA to fix the content of the premiere, remove the article and photo comparing eSH cars to SH and pledge not to recur, and if PEGA does not comply, the Japanese joint venture will sue.

Accused by Honda of infringing interests and badly affecting SH image in Vietnam PEGA took iPhone to explain and wants to be friends with Honda | Internet

Text Honda Vietnam sent PEGA elements about the launch of eSH cars.

In response, PEGA said the eSH launch event was an internal event (rather than an advertisement), citing the evidence that Apple compared the iPhone 3 with Motorola’s Moto Q or Nokia’s Nokia E62. to justify his actions is “very normal”. PEGA also affirmed that there were no advertisements, articles and images comparing eSH to SH that the company published publicly in the media.

However, PEGA did one thing right at HVN’s request to remove the live broadcast of the eSH launch event on its fanpage on social networks.

PEGA also said that the company wants to be friends with HVN to jointly promote and learn from each other and regret that the recent competition makes “rivals” uncomfortable.

Accused by Honda of infringing interests and badly affecting SH image in Vietnam PEGA took iPhone to explain and wants to be friends with Honda | Internet

PEGA has issued a written response to HVN.

Earlier, on January 11, 2020, the Pega eSH electric motorcycle model was first launched in Vietnam. During the presentation, the CEO of Pega directly compared the Pega eSH model with Honda SH to point out the points that are considered superior to electric cars, from design to convenience and operational experience. .

Some pictures and information about Honda SH are given by PEGA to compare with their eSH model.

In addition, in the consumer community, the Pega eSH model is called a copy of Honda SH with similar characteristics in design. Even the names of these 2 models are easily misleading. The letter “e” is meant to be electric, and the SH is similar to Honda’s high-end scooter model name.

Rules cited by Honda Vietnam to denounce PEGA:

Advertising Law 2012

Article 8. Prohibited acts in advertising activities

7. Advertising insults the prestige, honor and dignity of organizations and individuals.

9. Advertising incorrectly or causing confusion about the business capabilities, the ability to provide products, goods and services of organizations and individuals trading in products, goods and services; on quantity, quality, price, utility, design, packaging, brand, origin, type, mode of service, warranty period of registered products, goods or services to be announced.

10. Advertise using the method of direct comparison of prices, quality and efficiency of using products, goods and services with prices, quality and efficiency of using products and goods. goods and services of the same type of other organizations and individuals.

12. Advertisements with unfair competition content according to the provisions of competition law.

Competition Law 2018

Article 45. Acts of unfair competition are prohibited

5. Attracting illicit customers in the following forms:

b) Comparing their goods or services with the same goods and services of other enterprises but failing to prove the contents.

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