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According to the ‘copyright’ system or the crack system?: Review summary of the never-ending controversy

For a long time, whether or not to use copyrighted Windows has been a controversial topic in the technology community. Currently, the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft is the most popular personal computer operating system in the world and also the most pirated operating system. In Vietnam, most PCs and laptops are installed with Windows operating system, but they are all cracked or “pirated” versions. So why are Vietnamese users indifferent to spending money to buy license keys for so long?

Why should you use copyrighted Windows?

In a few review clips about the experience of using copyrighted Windows 10, Vinh “Xo”, the owner of the YouTube channel Vet Vo Studio affirmed, copyrighted Win keys for students and students with extremely cheap prices will not exist. for a long time, and when there is a problem with the data, it will not be supported by Microsoft. Second, Windows cracking will lead to insecurity, vulnerability to viruses, high risk of data loss, and unstable use. Compared to copyrighted Windows, buyers will have better computer protection, free new Windows upgrades, sandbox function to create a second space on Windows, use BitLocker to protect data …

Source: Buy Windows and Microsoft Office copyright: NEED TO KNOW to avoid buying wrong | Pretend Studio

In addition to copyrighted Windows, Vinh also shared: “Office 365 has completely changed the way we work, especially during the epidemic season. For office workers, students or those who regularly do content, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint is an indispensable application. Using the copyright toolkit, users can easily communicate with each other online, share files and have 1TB of OneDrive storage.”

According to the copyright system or the crack system Review summary of the never ending controversy | Technological iced tea

Without copyright, what will Windows users lose?

Besides, new features will be regularly updated and synchronized access on many different devices. Electricity can be “lost”, but cannot lose data files, this is the “heart” of genuine Office users compared to pirated versions.

Another reviewer named Hung Khuc from YouTube channel ThinkView said: “Currently, most Vietnamese users do not have the habit of buying software in general or operating systems in particular, this is affected by a number of factors. factors, for example, the price of the operating system version is quite high compared to the average income, and the crack is too simple when it only takes a few steps.With the money to buy the software, we absolutely can can upgrade configuration such as RAM, chip, VGA to a relatively high level.

According to the copyright system or the crack system Review summary of the never ending controversy | Technological iced tea

Using a “piracy” operating system open on the Internet is the same as using a lock that anyone can open. Bad guys on the Internet are everywhere, they easily infiltrate your operating system and steal data from computers with pirated OS installed. “When your computer is installed with a licensed operating system, it will have fewer errors and run more smoothly. For those who need stability, this is the key to smooth and minimal work. interruption, because of using pirated Windows, the rate of blue screen or application crashes is quite high,” reviewer ThinkView commented.

Source: Why should use Windows Copyright? | ThinkView wiki

Besides, Microsoft’s ecosystem is a symbiotic ecosystem. That is, users can use 3rd party applications, they are still embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem. For example, to-do list software, remote work applications or electronic signature approval…

According to the copyright system or the crack system Review summary of the never ending controversy | Technological iced tea

Expressing the same opinion, Duy Luan, a longtime reviewer from Tinh Te said, using copyrighted software is not as expensive as many people think. A Microsoft 365 account costs VND 1,699,000 for 5 users, so each person only needs to pay about VND 340,000/year, equivalent to VND 28,000/month. For many people, that amount is close to a cup of coffee or less than the price of an online video game on Steam. Windows license and a subscription plan are always synced with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, giving users peace of mind that: Never fear data loss. Not to mention, each person can use on 5 different devices such as iPhone, iPad, laptop, … convenient for their work.

Source: What copyright software do I use, how to save | Exquisite Duy Luan

Some users expressed support for using paid software:

– “When Windows 90% discount, I immediately buy copyrighted Windows. If I have a few hundred thousand, I should buy it. Office 2016 I also bought a discount. In general, using copyrighted Windows is better, updating regularly without lag. , not afraid of viruses. Moreover, if you reinstall Windows, it will automatically activate.

– “Using copyright for nearly a decade now, I like it very much, less bugs and more stable, but every time I update it, it’s full of junk files, I have to run clean up with a little trick to clean it up”.

– “If you work as an office, the combo of copyrighted Windows 10 and copyrighted Office is too safe”.

– “I’m a student who has used 2 generations of laptops, both of which are portable, so I have built-in copyrighted windows. This copyrighted win I used to see almost no errors, only 1 time updating the windows, I lost the speakers and installed it. If you win, you can fix it, really, the copyright is very stable.”

According to the copyright system or the crack system Review summary of the never ending controversy | Technological iced tea

Copyrighted software helps users feel secure while using

– “Talking about upload speed, Google Drive and iCloud call OneDrive the ancestor, I don’t know what algorithm OneDrive uses, but if there is any data file from photos to videos on the device, it will be hidden. somewhere, uploading is always super fast when online, never losing data, using Google Drive and OneDrive in parallel, new files OneDrive is not lost, Google Drive has not been uploaded yet.”

While many people disagree with the above opinions. They accept to use pirated versions of Windows to save costs, leave open risks related to security or computers are susceptible to malicious code, viruses, thinking that buying a Windows license is a waste of money. and no obvious benefit. There is even an opinion that, if you like to use copyright, then look for “piracy keys” for sale online for only 100,000 VND or work hard to find key shares on the Internet.

According to the copyright system or the crack system Review summary of the never ending controversy | Technological iced tea

On the contrary, using pirated version is easy to violate information security

– “In these days, you have to use Windows copyright, crack it on the internet in 5 minutes and you’re done”.

– “Laptop always has copyrighted Win available, what the hell do you guys spend money to buy?”.

– “I’m a student, I don’t have money to buy copyrights”.

– “If you work to find someone to share, hack it quickly. No problem at all. I use Word Excel… I don’t find it inconvenient. Sometimes buying once a year becomes too much work. Crack use whole life”.

– “Is it better to buy Kaspersky or Panda dome instead of buying a license?”.

– “Used crack for 5 years and never got Green once”.

– “Windows is an open OS, so copyright and non-copyright are the same”.

– “What to do while the license key is shared, bro! After installing the official win, get the key up and the win has been activated. Office and all other similar software”.

– “You also have such a wrong idea, why buy a copyright? Using crack but still updating normally”.

– “Get a key on vn-zoom for 6 years and still update normally, crack 30 seconds to activate 1 minute, but do nothing for 5 minutes”.

– “Go to the store to install Windows with 50,000 VND”.

– “This is for business office workers who sit in computer labs, invest brains or keyboard heroes, of course they still have to have income. But poor students and rural people shouldn’t buy it. With the amount of money. Buy a usb in a month or save a year to have a new hard drive.”

– “I’m a student, so I only use Google sheets and Google doc, I don’t have money to buy Windows and Office licenses.”

Obviously, the above statements have partly reflected the consciousness of Windows users in Vietnam. They use Windows without copyright, the biggest benefit is saving the financial budget, maybe only ranging from 80 USD to 100 USD depending on the version. However, besides that savings are very worrying risks about data security, which users in Vietnam are extremely indifferent. And you, what do you think about using copyrighted software?

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