Accidentally unearthed a strange stone right behind the garden, 31 years later to know this is a ‘treasure’ outside of Earth

A very large piece of meteorite has just been discovered in Germany, according to information just published by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Measuring up to 28x25x20 cm and weighing about 30.2kg, this is also the largest meteorite mass ever found in Germany so far. Notably, this meteorite mass has actually been … dormant for 31 years in the garden of a people in the town of Blaubeuren, southeastern Germany.

This is the largest piece of meteorite ever found in Germany

Accordingly, in 1989, a man in the town of Blaubeuren while digging a trench with electric cables inside the garden accidentally found a strange looking stone block, located at a depth of about half meter.

After lifting the stone off the ground, the man realized it was unusually heavy. He decided to hold a magnet near the rock and realized that it contained iron. But unable to determine its true origin, he left the rock in the garden for decades.

Even in 2015, the landlord nearly threw away the stone and unused furniture in the garden, before changing his mind at the last minute. He decided to store it in a closet in his basement for a few more years before contacting the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in January this year.

After bringing this object to DLR to study, he received a shocking result: This rock is actually an extremely rare meteorite originating from outer space.

Named “Blaubeuren meteorite” based on where it was found, this piece of meteorite is thought to be a small part of an asteroid or comet. Its main ingredient is chondrite, or slate. Why it is attracted to magnets (which may contain iron inside) is still unanswered. Scientists are still studying to determine the composition and origin of this alien object.

Accidentally unearthed a strange stone right behind the garden 31 years later to know this is a treasure outside of Earth | Explore

Most meteors caught fire in the sky just before it hit the ground

Meteors are often fragments of a comet or an asteroid. Most meteors, when plunging into Earth’s atmosphere, immediately burn and explode. Only a very small number of meteorite fragments fall to the ground. Therefore meteorite fragments discovered on Earth often bring very high value for those who find them.

In 2017, a glowing meteorite in the sky of Michigan State created a craze for meteorite hunters to track down the fragment of this ‘flea stone’.

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