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Accidentally played the wrong 18+ video on the wave and extremely silly moments of Pokimane – the most beautiful and famous female streamer in the world

Imane Anyse, also known as Pokimane, is a big name when we refer to the world of video game streamers. Not only does she have an absurdly large number of followers on Twitch with 5.8 million as of October 5, 2020, but she could also be one of the most followed girls on the platform. this platform. Regarding its success, Dot Esports noted that when it comes to sponsorship deals with different brands, Pokimane can completely turn down offers of up to $ 3 million, just because she doesn’t. see the right company for you.

But looking through the millions of people who view her content, Pokimane’s brand can be worth a few thousand dollars, and even this female streamer is represented by a large talent management company. This makes it possible to forget that Pokimane is really still just a human being. Like many others, Pokimane still makes occasional mistakes, like joyfully jumping on stream, or sometimes silly moments. Here are some live-streaming crashes, proving that Pokimane is like everyone else.

Pokimane reveals his email while streaming Call Of Duty

Not many streamers choose Call of Duty to stream, and so did Pokimane. But with the determination to change that fact, the female streamer installed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to stream the game as soon as the download of the game was completed.

However, when she went through the installation process, Pokimane unfortunately let her email and Activision ID fully appear on the screen of everyone watching the stream. It’s no surprise that she immediately corrected this mistake, but there are still fans who promptly attack Pokimane by so many messages. Luckily, the female streamer handled the situation skillfully, “I was almost not mad at how funny I was AFK at that moment.”

Just for a moment, but information about Pokimane’s email reached many fans, fortunately nothing too private was revealed on the screen, and the female streamer still felt happy about the incident.

Suddenly played web nguhoh myloud on the stream

Accidentally played the wrong 18 video on the wave and extremely silly moments of Pokimane the most beautiful and famous female streamer in the world | Game Online

Thanks to her years of streaming experience, Pokimane knew she should set up a system to check fan-submitted links. This way, she can best ensure that no inappropriate content is played on her stream. However, even with the best systems, crashes sometimes occur. And the incident that the girl was always concerned about actually happened when Pokimane pulled a seemingly harmless link to share with her audience, and unexpectedly, an adult video began to load on the screen. The female streamer screamed in surprise and immediately closed the video.

As she continued her stream, Pokimane explained that she maintains a Google Docs where audience-sent links are checked by her admins, before they agree to let her use them. Use them to interact with people who are watching streams. However, it seems that someone successfully crossed the fence to submit this erotic link, or the video was simply ignored by the mods. Pokimane then immediately grabbed his phone, presumably to talk to his mods or staff and explain what just happened.

After that, everything returned to normal, Pokimane continued to play Valorant and interact with his audience.

Ask the viewer for instructions on how to pull the curtains

Accidentally played the wrong 18 video on the wave and extremely silly moments of Pokimane the most beautiful and famous female streamer in the world | Game Online

It seems that everyone knows how to pull curtains, but it seems that this is not the case with Pokimane. As Pokimane was sitting in her chair to kick off her December 20, 2019 live broadcast, the sun shone through her bedroom window with a rather dazzling beam of sunlight, shining directly on the female streamer’s face. Pokimane started to get up from his gaming chair to close the curtains but had a little difficulty. She had forgotten how she was supposed to pull the curtain. The girl struggled for a while, and a click could be heard amid her struggle, but the light remained unchanged when Pokimane returned to her seat.

Pokimane then turned to chat with her viewers, showed them her aunt’s window and explained, “I don’t know how to pull this curtain back.” In the end, the Twitch chats taught her how to close the curtain, and was able to comfortably continue her broadcast. Sometimes, one thing that everyone knows is a problem with some people.

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