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Accessories up to 49% off for the first season

Technology accessories at FPT Shop are genuine products, with clear origin from international brands such as UME Travel, i.Value, Anker and Belkin, … Accessories always have designs and designs. updated according to the latest trends so you can choose according to your preferences and needs.

In particular, accompanying students and students in 2020 in the first school season, FPT Shop offers a special discount of up to 49% when choosing to buy technology products from now until the end of October. Ideal for you to own many quality accessories for work, study or entertainment, … at a more economical cost.

Accordingly, all backup chargers branded i.Value are immediately reduced by 49%, the new price is only from 204,000 VND. At the same time, you have the opportunity to own power banks of UME Travel, Anker and Belkin brands with up to 20% cheaper hand-on prices. Specifically, you will get 10% off when buying the same 1-2 other accessories, 15% off when buying the same 3 different items and 20% off the total bill when buying any combo of 5 accessories.

Besides, some outstanding bluetooth speaker products from i.Value brand such as BS02, BS03, BT116, BT23S are being discounted 20% immediately at FPT Shop. Thus, from only 392,000 VND, you have a compact speaker with loud and clear sound quality, easy to carry when traveling. More attractive, the line of bluetooth karaoke speakers is being ‘strong’ FPT Shop ‘drops 49% in October. If you are looking for a good karaoke speaker for home entertainment, two i.Value CX-12D karaoke speakers and FG206-01 speakers with ergonomic design, power up to 45W, battery life up to 6 hours will is the ideal choice.

The i.Value CX-12D karaoke bluetooth speaker is being immediately reduced by 49% to VND 1,423,000 at FPT Shop.

Notably, FPT Shop also offers discounts of up to 20% for hundreds of tempered glass models for almost all phone brands in the market. You can easily own a tempered glass for your ‘mobile’ with the price from only 120,000 VND. Thus, those who are in need of replacing their tempered glass should not miss this attractive opportunity.

To buy technology accessories with the most incentives from FPT Shop, you can go directly to the store, buy online now. here Or call the toll-free 1800 6601 for the fastest support.

Accessories up to 49 off for the first season | ICT News

Only in this October, FPT Shop plummeted 49% for technology accessories during the back-to-school season.

Why should you buy genuine accessories at FPT Shop?

Choosing to buy technology accessories at FPT Shop, you not only get many attractive incentives but also enjoy additional support services, helping you to easily own your favorite item while using the product with peace of mind. Products.

Firstly, in addition to choosing to buy products directly at the system of more than 630 stores nationwide, you can choose to buy online, FPT Shop will deliver free door-to-door for accessories with value from 100,000 VND.

Second, you can get a renewal within 1 year if the purchased accessory contains defects from the manufacturer, except for cases, holsters and phone screen protectors. So, you will feel more secure when you choose to shop at FPT Shop.

Third, FPT Shop supports 100% installment interest rate for those who are wondering about financial issues. The installment payment process is very simple and the application is approved quickly in just 15 minutes. You can even do a remote installment procedure without having to go to the store, no more worrying about time or distance.

All accessories at FPT Shop are genuine products and will be renewed within 12 months if there is an error from the manufacturer. Customers can choose to buy directly at the store, buy online or call the free hotline 1800 6601 for more specific advice and quick order.

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