Absolute isolation of patients infected with corona virus: Transported in plastic tubes and metal cans, examined by robots

Two short videos have just been shared on Twitter, showing how strict the translation work in China is. A patient infected or suspected of being infected with new coronary virus causing mysterious pneumonia is sealed in a metal sealed container.

Meanwhile, another patient was removed from an ambulance with a plastic tube covering the hospital bed. All health care workers wear protective clothing from head to toe to avoid spreading the virus.

A patient in Huizhou, Guangdong province, is isolated

The first video, posted on RFA’s Twitter, showed a patient in Huizhou, a southern city in Guangdong province, taken by medical personnel from an ambulance in a large plastic tube.

This is an essential process to protect health care workers and avoid spreading corona virus to the environment. Chinese authorities say at least 15 health workers have been infected with corona virus while caring for patients.

The key to controlling the spread of disease now is to prevent the spreadDr. Chung Nam Son, director of the Respiratory Key Laboratory in China, said that when he confirmed that a virus called 2019-nCoV could be spread among people.

Hyper-spread is defined as when a host becomes a host at a greater risk of spreading germs than other hosts. In some cases, the spread of infection follows the 20/80 rule, meaning that only 20% of the super-spread hosts are responsible for 80% of new cases.

A new outbreak of coronary pneumonia caused by a new outbreak has occurred in Wuhan since mid-December 2019. By now, it has spread to other parts of China, including Guangdong province. There were 26 confirmed cases in the province on Wednesday morning, and more than 570 cases across China as well as cases in Japan, Taiwan, USA, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

A patient was removed from the airport in a large, closed metal box.

This second video was posted on Twitter by the account Xie Qing, a journalist based in Hong Kong. In it, we can see a patient being taken out of the airport with a large and sealed metal box.

Patients are in absolute isolation, doctors use robots to examine patients

Around the world, patients who are infected or suspected of being infected with the corona virus are securely isolated in a two-step process. In the US, authorities said a patient in his 30s became infected after returning from China.

Dr. George Diaz, head of the Infectious Diseases Program at Providence Regional Medical Center, where patients are being treated, told The Guardian: American patients are being kept in a biological cell. small 20 feet.

It was a room as big as a container, an area of ​​nearly 40 m2. Patients are also being treated with robots to limit their doctor’s exposure to the virus, Diaz said. The man’s health is still good, and the hospital said he could soon be discharged.

Health officials in the US say they are also tracking about 16 people who have been in contact with the patient, but no one has shown any symptoms of corona virus infection, Reuters reported.

In Hong Kong, where an infected case has been confirmed, authorities say they have turned the Lunar New Year holiday camps into quarantine areas to keep people who may have been exposed to the infected person.

Patients and suspects infected with the new corona virus will be isolated in two layers in the negative pressure room

An unprecedented blockade campaign

In response to the new epidemic, China has made extremely strict quarantine moves, evaluated as unprecedented. In Wuhan, an 11-million-city city where the disease broke out, all activities going in and out of the city were blocked.

People are required to wear masks in the city, which is a mandatory requirement.

Nearby with Wuhan, Huangjiang City with 7 million people and Wuzhou City with 1 million people were also blockaded. All three cities are in Hubei province.

Many airports around the world are also increasing health checks to screen for passengers with symptoms and say they are ready to transport any suspected new corona virus infection to the quarantine area.

Refer Businessinsider

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