A Vietnamese YouTuber was condemned for making clips without permission in Japan

About 2 years ago, the trend of culinary tourism vlog began to develop strongly in Vietnam. In addition to doing domestic content, the YouTuber Vietnam has started to exploit many overseas content, the most prominent is Quynh Tran JP (3.54 million subscribers) living in Japan specializing in reviewing the dishes there or Khoa Pug (2.92 million subs ) is famous for billions of foreign travel.

However, due to the specifics of each country, Vietnamese YouTubers may encounter problems with the laws of their home country where they live, work or travel. For example, at the end of 2019, Khoa Pug himself was caught in a scandal of recording service staff in Japan without asking for permission, leading to a fierce debate online.

Seafood hunting videos on YouTuber’s channel ‘Dung Duong’

Recently, a similar incident was discovered and exposed by netizens. As reflected by the Yahoo JP website, the YouTube channel ‘Dung Duong’ (136,000 subs) has acts of sabotaging and hunting all kinds of seafood in the wild.

Starting to record clips from 2018, this guy has continuously had clips of mushroom picking, catching fish, crabs, snails, and crabs and recently picking fruits in Japan. This behavior, after being reflected by Yahoo JP, was pointed out to be illegal by the Japanese and also by Vietnamese international students living in Japan.

In particular, encroachment on private land or the collection of fruits or aquatic species such as abalone, catfish, and eel is prohibited under Japanese law, whether it can be caught on the basis of fishing rights or fishing license, account Neko Aki said. Many other comments from Japanese netizens expressed anger and asked YouTuber to stop any wrongdoing.

Currently this person’s YouTube channel is still attracting a lot of angry comments from Japanese netizens with more than 53 million views on 200 different videos.

A Vietnamese YouTuber was condemned for making clips without permission in Japan | Internet

Hundreds of comments showing the anger of Japanese netizens below these YouTuber’s clips.

Japan is known to be a country with strict regulations on a lot of matters that seem unfamiliar to Vietnamese people. For example, according to the recommendation of the Organization of Management of Foreign Skills Internship in Japan, such as withdrawing money at ATMs, transferring bank accounts, mobile phone numbers, receiving postal parcels , signing on behalf of other people … are all considered illegal.

It is also not allowed to take photos of others in public and private places in Japan, which is strictly defined in the Japanese Constitution. Therefore, the country of the rising sun is a rare place in the world where manufacturers put in the function of emitting sound when taking photos with smartphones. Japanese TV stations, when filming and recording unrelated people, have to blur their faces.

Therefore, Vietnamese people, when living and working in Japan, especially YouTubers, need to carefully consult the law before shooting and posting them online to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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