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A series of shocking deals for modern families: The opportunity to keep the house clean and fresh is here

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In modern times, when everyone has to go to work and turn their heads off, there is not much time left for their families to grow smaller. So, the trend of a modern family is to shorten the time of daily chores, so that the whole family can enjoy the precious moments together more fully.

This time, Shopee brings a series of super-technology products for modern families, helping all corners of the home become the most sophisticated and fastest way.

A series of super products to help the home always clean, neat

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

List price: VND 4,890,000

Shopee price: VND 3,790,000, discount up to 22%

In the context that the air quality in big cities is declining, how to keep the indoor atmosphere always clean and fresh is really not easy. This is especially true for modern families who are always busy and have limited time to care for their homes. But with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro, the story becomes really easy.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with an OLED screen and a touch control button that is very handy, can be used easily and safely. The body is equipped with dust, temperature and humidity sensors that automatically measure the environmental index, thereby offering a more suitable filter mode.

Eufy G10 Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner Robot comes from Anker brand

List price: 8,000,000 VND

Shopee price: 4,999,000 VND, buy quickly at Shopee.

A series of shocking deals for modern families The opportunity to keep the house clean and fresh is here | Digital toys

Cleaning up is also an equally time-consuming process for families today. Well then, let Anker’s Eufy G10 Hybrid T2150E11 Vacuum Cleaning Robot help you.

This is the new generation robot line of Anker with thin design (only 2.85 ”) but possessing strong suction power, which can glide smoothly and solve dirt under the bed, under the chair. extremely easy. The robot has two functions of scanning and cleaning, and gyroscope technology to help double the cleaning effect.

A series of super-versatile products: beautiful homes, family gatherings and entertainment

LG 55 Inch Smart TV UHD 4K 55UM7300PTA Model 2019

List price: VND 18,900,000

Shopee price: 10,600,000 VND, buy quickly on Shopee

A series of shocking deals for modern families The opportunity to keep the house clean and fresh is here | Digital toys

Space in the house of a modern family, can not ignore a TV “genuine” and luxurious.

LG Smart TV 55UM7300PTA is a device that owns many advanced technologies of LG technology giant, which is highly appreciated for bringing in the ultimate entertainment space. The TV possesses a modern design, luxurious lines, suitable for any layout space. The screen is also very optimized with 4K Active HDR technology with 4K resolution, for images that appear extremely sharp, detailed to every detail and vivid colors.

Android SMART TV 4K UHD Coocaa 50 inch

List price: VND 12,990,000

Shopee price: 6,600,000 VND, 49% discount on the whole Shopee floor

The 50 inch Android SMART TV 4K UHD Coocaa is considered a “super product” in the mid-range TV segment. This would be a better choice than owning a luxurious, modern space at an extremely affordable price.

The TV has an extremely beautiful borderless infinity screen design, with a 97% image expansion. In addition, the product is focused on both image quality and sound, giving families a great experience.

A variety of kitchen products: for convenient, fast, healthy meals

Oil & Fry Fryer Lock & Lock Jumbo Plus Airfryer

List price: VND 4,700,000

Shopee price: 2790000 VND, 41% discount, buy fast at Shopee

A series of shocking deals for modern families The opportunity to keep the house clean and fresh is here | Digital toys

Just owning the masterpiece Jumbo Plus Airfryer technology from Lock & Lock, your whole culinary world will suddenly be as small as an oil-free fryer!

This oil-free fryer possesses a modern design, exquisite combination of colors, suitable for use in any kitchen interior space. But not all! Thanks to Airfryer technology, the food will be fried evenly with the hot air inside, helping the food to be exposed to 360 degrees of heat, circulating evenly and vigorously throughout the surface. As a result, the meal is prepared with an oil-free fryer quickly and the quality is still guaranteed, the food is cooked evenly, delicious without worrying about damage to health compared to conventional frying.

Electric Pressure Cooker 6L Comet CM6151

List price: 1,217,000 VND

Shopee price: 699,000 VND, discount 43%, surf Shopee now.

A series of shocking deals for modern families The opportunity to keep the house clean and fresh is here | Digital toys

Meals for a family every day cannot always be over-the-top, but making picky dishes is not enough time. Don’t worry, the Comet Pressure Cooker CM6151 will help you solve this story.

With a capacity of up to 6L, the Electric Pressure Cooker Comet CM6151 allows you to solve extremely typical dishes for the extended family such as stew, storage, steam … in an extremely simple way. Not only that, the product has an extremely easy to use mechanical control panel, so that mothers and mothers can easily use it. Safety is also maximized with the extremely stable automatic power-off function.

Philips HD3060 electric rice cooker

List price: 1,715,000 VND

Shopee price: VND 1,199,000, up to 30% discount, buy fast on Shopee.

A family’s kitchen will not make sense without the presence of an electric cooker. And Philips HD3060 rice cooker will be a perfect choice for you to get delicious meals.

HD3060 Philips pot possesses compact design with luxurious black color, takes up little space, suitable for modern small families today. The body is equipped with touch sensor, very to manipulate. In addition, the pot is also equipped with a child lock function, avoiding unnecessary accidents and giving mothers peace of mind when cooking.

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