A series of Galaxy J users in Vietnam have encountered a serious software error after only one night, it is fortunate that there is a temporary fix.

On this morning (May 23, 2020), many Samsung smartphone users in Vietnam on some technology forums and Facebook simultaneously reflected on their phone suddenly encountering a serious software error.

Specifically, most users encounter a machine that automatically boots straight into recovery mode. However, when entering this mode, users can not restart the computer because there is no option to reboot. Many people have tried the only option is to power off the device. However, when turning the device back on, the device still booted into recovery mode automatically.

According to some users, their smartphone was still functioning properly last night. However, after waking up, their smartphone simultaneously encountered an error.

Most users encounter a situation where the machine boots directly into recovery mode overnight. (Image: Facebook)

As noted, the above software error mainly occurs on Galaxy J models launched in 2018, such as Galaxy J4 + and J6 +. In addition, some Galaxy A series devices launched in 2018 also encountered the same situation.

On some online forums, many users have knowledge of the technology, the main reason why some Samsung smartphones encounter “recovery mode suspension” (possibly) due to a system update error. operating, or due to software conflicts. In particular, this error often happens to users who have not updated the operating system to the new version since August 2019.

A series of Galaxy J users in Vietnam have encountered a serious software error after only one night it is fortunate that there is a temporary fix | Mobile

The main reason why some Samsung smartphones have ‘suspended recovery’ may be due to an operating system update error

After receiving feedback from users, Samsung Vietnam representative said this was an unexpected error that only occurred on some old Galaxy J series smartphones, and confirmed that it would soon give an official notice. about the cause of the above software error. Samsung Vietnam also promises to offer the earliest solution for users affected by this problem.

It is known that some major phone system chains in Vietnam are currently receiving and repairing free of charge for Galaxy J users who encounter software errors.

While waiting for an official fix from Samsung, currently, some users have shared the temporary fix as follows:

First, on the recovery mode screen, select the “Try Again” option. When the machine boots up the black screen, you immediately use another phone to call in the faulty machine. After the device displays the standby screen for catching the phone, drag the status bar down, select settings. Here, you select the “software upgrade” option and wait a while for the machine to update to the new version. After the update, the device will return to normal operation.

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