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A customer sued Apple for $ 1,000 billion in damages for allegedly stealing his iPhone

A Missouri customer sued Apple for $ 1,000 billion in damages over allegations that the tech giant stole his iPhone and used it to develop new features after he. Get it repaired.

The prosecutor here is Raevon Terrell Parker, who claims that he brought the iPhone to the Apple Store in Saint Louis Galleria in Missouri for repair in 2018. Here, the store’s staff kept the device. This phone and gave him a replacement iPhone.

Parker stated that employees kept the phone “by cheating on the plaintiff knowing that this was the first phone with new features.”

According to the initial lawsuit, one of the so-called “new features” that Parker claimed to have on his iPhone was the ability to allow the iPhone to “bypass screen options when the device restarts”. iPhone “communicates with other devices faster, more accurately”. Parker said that this feature helped Apple in developing iOS 12, the operating system that debuted on the iPhone in 2018.

It’s unclear what Parker meant by declaring his iPhone “as the first device to have those new features.” But Macworld said that if the complaint was true, Parker may have installed an unpublished version of iOS, and that Apple Store employees removed it when they discovered it in the process. repair process.

Parker also claimed that he had been considered “crazy” while interacting at the Apple Store, and this was part of the reason for his claim. In the original lawsuit, he listed that his mental health was “priceless.”

However, Mr. Parker’s latest attempt to sue Apple was dismissed when a judge found that the lawsuit had failed to deliver his statement.

Meanwhile, Apple shares hit an all-time high on Wednesday. This helped Apple market capitalization exceed $ 1,500 billion, making them the most valuable technology company in the world today.

Refer to Business Insider

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