A close up of a Lightning-shielded cable despite Apple being bundled with the iPhone 12

Although not included with the charger and headset, however, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 series is expected to come with a brand new USB-C to Lightning charging cable, with a cloth-covered outer shell. , instead of just as rubber now.

Recently, experts leaked L0vetodream just unexpectedly shared a series of actual photos of the aforementioned USB-C to Lightning cable. In addition to confirming this rumor is true, the latest leak also confirms that the Lightning cable included with the iPhone 12 will have two color options, Black and White.

As of right now, Apple has yet to sell any umbrella models for the iPhone and iPad. The company, meanwhile, has been selling Thunderbolt Pro cables with parachutes since June, as well as bundled black Lightning cables with Mac Pro and power cables with parachutes for the HomePod smart speaker.

The new Lightning-shielded charging cable is said to be more durable than Apple’s current charging cable, which only has a rubber outer shell. However, with the exception of the shielded wires, the USB-C and Lightning connectors on both ends of the cable still have the same design as the current rubber cable.

A close up of a Lightning shielded cable despite Apple being bundled with the iPhone 12 | Mobile

Last year, Apple gifted a USB-C to Lightning charging cable and 18W fast charger for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The cheaper iPhone 11, however, only comes with a standard USB-A to Lightning charging cable and a regular 5W charger.

Therefore, it is likely that the USB-C to Lightning charging cable wrapped though will probably only be “given separately” to higher-end iPhone 12 models. In addition, this is also the only accessory sold with the iPhone 2020. Many rumors that the upcoming iPhone 12 models will not come with a charger and headphones inside the case, helping Apple cut production costs. manufacturing and packaging products.

A close up of a Lightning shielded cable despite Apple being bundled with the iPhone 12 | Mobile

Instead, Apple may retail the new 20W fast charger, in case you want to buy more. Basically, this will help users can use the available charger for fast charging at no additional cost when buying a new iPhone, or choose the charger from third-party manufacturers without being dependent. too much on Apple.

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone models this fall, including the iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch screen, as well as the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a screen of 6.7. inch.

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