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90% of users don’t know 7 cool features on this iPhone

Surely there will be quite a few people who are surprised with the features that we will mention below.

1. “Type the word” by voice

In some inconvenient manual chats, you can “type” your golden voice by clicking the microphone icon as the bottom-right corner in this picture:

Right-bottom corner is the microphone icon

Then try saying something. Speak Vietnamese or English, depending on which language the keyboard is at that time. The proper name will be automatically capitalized. Wow!

If you don’t see this icon, Setting / General / Keyboard / Enable Enable Dictation and see how it works.

P / s feature is also available on Android.

2. Equipped with shortcut keys

Many people often pass through the keyboard to type and become good brands because of that, they were typed incorrectly. For example, IBM can only chat as ibm, HP is hp and especially with long brands like The Coffee House because it is a bit difficult to write correctly. Already an acronym for globalization, it is now downgraded to another tier of achievements.

To save time while still typing, iDevices has a very cool Text Replacement feature.

How to set up: Setting / General / Keyboard / Text Replacement / Press the + sign to add a new one.

Phase is what you want to display. For example: The Coffee House.

Shortcut is what you want to type quickly. For example: tch

Save, then just type tch keyboard to display The Coffee House.

When you write on the iPhone, the text will still sync on the Mac, but because the Mac input method is different from the iPhone, sometimes the Text Replacement feature will not work.

Did you know that the Vietnamese percussion on iPhone that the whole world – including you – is using is given to Apple by Pham Kim Long (the father of Unikey).

3. Chat iMessage more genuine

90 of users don t know 7 cool features on this iPhone | Mobile & Social

Choose to send to someone who is finished trying to compose something on iMessage, then hold and hold for a few seconds on the blue arrow-up button:

The rest of it is yours, so check out Apple to show you what’s interesting here.

4. Always carry a magnifying glass with you

Just an iPhone, not a magnifying glass. Go to Setting / General / Accessibility / Magnifier / Turn it on and try it out.

For iPhone notch, press 3 times on the power key. iPhone Left: Press the Home button 3 times.

5. Screen rotation

90 of users don t know 7 cool features on this iPhone | Mobile & Social

Screen capture is an indispensable feature. From iOS 11 onwards iDevice has additional screen recording function.

How to turn this feature on: Setting / Control Center / Customize Controls / Add Screen Recording. When you need to spin, drag the Control Center down.

The lower-right corner is the Screen Recording icon

In addition, you can add or remove other functions here.

Bonus: How Do Not Disturb While Driving is different from Do Not Disturb? Try it out!

6. Scan QR Code by camera

Now there’s no need to install an app to scan a QR Code. Almost all phones will have this function later.

90 of users don t know 7 cool features on this iPhone | Mobile & Social

Scan QR code with iDevice’s own camera that will open in Safari

As for Xiaomi, it seems to be confidential when only showing the link of the QR only.

7. Manage back-up on iCloud

Have you ever wanted to back up your phone data to iCloud and every time you tried it was reported not enough memory? So check to see how much data is in the device by going to Setting / [Bấm vào tên bạn] / iCloud / Manage Storage / Backups / [Bấm vào tên điện thoại của bạn] / Next Backup Size Size you will see what you need to see.

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