9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons


is famous as an animation studio that creates movies with engaging and interesting content for both children and adults. The most notable feature of Pixar films is eye-catching colors and humanistic lessons about family, friendship, life. Most of the studios’ works are of good quality or higher and have earned a lot of revenue from the box office.

However, not only brings a lot of emotions, Pixar film is also an open space for fans to show their understanding when shining Easter eggs and an incredibly interesting hypothesis. Below is a list of theories in Pixar movies that fans have made their own hypotheses or are revealed by the manufacturer.

1. All in the same universe

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

The rumors stem from the theory of a man named John Negroni. He believes that all Pixar films are in an expanding universe and draw a timeline that fits the sequence of each film, starting from the primitive era in The Good Dinosaur to the future. Hybrid remote fiction in Monsters, Inc. This theory of John has been fascinated by Pixar fans as a topic of discussion for many years. They even sought ways to update the theory to match the new films, although Cars director Jay Ward said that this hypothesis is just like the 9/11 on the internet.

2. Mr. Carl died before the journey in Up began

Although Up has a happy ending, pleasing to the viewer, but there are also some ideas that Carl’s trip to life is completely unreal. Mr. Carl died the night he was about to move to the nursing home while he was lying in bed. The story behind is Carl’s journey to heaven with the angel leading Russel. The celestial god chose the form of a boy to satisfy the desire of having children of Ellie and Carl. Thien Duong Waterfall is the final destination where Carl can rest.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

3. Little Boo is a witch

Little Boo in the movie Monster Inc. is the highest ranked character in the list of the most adorable cartoon characters of Pixar. However, many people still implicitly believe that Boo when growing up is the mysterious witch appearing in Brave. The first evidence is a picture of a monster very similar to Sulley carved on a piece of wood in the witch’s house. She herself also revealed that she possesses the ability to travel with time. A113 figure in Monster Inc. also in the witch’s house but in very light writing in roman numerals. From the evidence above, the fans weave into a complete story about Boo, she is always searching for her monster friend in vain, trying to turn people into a bear shape to ease the nostalgia.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

4. Andy’s mother is Emily

Cowboy cowboy Jessie appeared in Part 2 of Toy Story revealing her former owner named Emily. Previously Jessie was pampered but later Emily had another hobby and abandoned her. Many fans think that Emily is Andy’s mother. Although no one has ever seen Emily’s face, but deep from the details like Andy’s cowboy hat is identical to Jessie’s, when Sheriff Woody was a famous toy on television suitable for Andy’s mother stage As a child, many believe that Andy’s mother used to love cowboy toys but later gave them away. Her son later shared a common interest with his mother, so she gave Andy the hat as a regret for giving her toys.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

5. Humans no longer exist

Cracked’s After Hours film team put forward a hypothesis that the universe of Cars and Wall – E is one. In particular, motor vehicles and metal machines have developed the same sense and intellect as humans and banished them to outer space to live as in Wall – E. The human world we see in Wall – E is composed of people who are overweight and have to move by machines. The After Hours believe it is the past many years after vehicles owned the earth and brought themselves into ruin.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

6. Randall appears in Toy Story

Randall, a crafty chameleon that is the main antagonist in Monster Inc .. The ability to change colors to blend into his environment is one of the reasons why he becomes so worthy. scared. Some fans think that Randall is the monster mentioned by Andy in Toy Story, when he was on a mission to intimidate, he mistakenly entered the boy’s room.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

7. The journey to find Nemo is not real

Just like the old Carl hypothesis above, many fans still try to hypothesize new theories as if the movie was not sad enough that the Marlin clown fish family was destroyed at the beginning of the film and the whole series. The film is his imaginary journey to find his dead child.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

8. Edna can predict the future

Edna Mode in The Incredibles is famous for its trademark “No Cape!” (There is no cloak here!). There is a theory that Edna herself is a superhero. She had the ability to predict the future but was careless to let Strato Girl stuck in the fan duct so she broke into grief and remained hidden. That’s why the clothes she made for Jack Jack in part one are fire resistant even though she is unaware of his ability.

9 unexpected mysteries hidden in Pixar cartoons | Discovery

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