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82-year-old old man fighting with wild bear weighing 150kg: ‘She punched it and threw it into the sky’

Tuesday afternoon of July 22, taking advantage of the sun while summer is still sunny, Ms. Rumiko Sasaki and her husband behind the garden cut the grass. About 5:30 pm, when the work was still in progress, an unexpected guest appeared. But surprisingly, these are not likeable neighbors living with grandparents in the town of Kita Hiroshimacho, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

“Oh my, bear, bear …” Mr. Kazushi, Rumiko’s husband shouted in fear. And when Rumiko raised her face, she found herself standing facing a monster, not just a regular bear: “The monster rushed at her, he held up his claws, and just kept aiming her face to attack. “.

Ms. Rumiko described the moment when the bear used the “dragon whale” to attack her.

According to Rumiko’s description, this bear is about one and a half meters tall and weighs 180kg. Compared to an 82-year-old old man, this bear is an extremely dangerous danger. So, what did Rumiko do to escape the monster’s clutches? It is what happened next also made the bear lose faith in itself, doubting that Mother Nature bestowed on her a huge body but her soul was like a mosquito’s eye.

“She shouted Ahhhhhhhhh, then hit him in the face with a dozen strokes, she hit him into the sky, then he ran away.” – Ms. Rumiko responded to the press.

Rumiko reported the earthquake battle with the black bear

With what Rumiko told, it was possible to see the appearance of the legendary martial artist Bruce in every right of way that she walked into the bear’s face. This story will make many people think that she used to be a famous martial artist.

But no, it turned out that Rumiko was just a petite, friendly 82-year-old old woman, all her life in a peaceful, peaceful countryside. She only had a scratch on her forehead and had several stitches, but she was still eager to retell the story with a rare enthusiasm.

82 year old old man fighting with wild bear weighing 150kg She punched it and threw it into the sky | Khám phá

The wound on her face.

82 year old old man fighting with wild bear weighing 150kg She punched it and threw it into the sky | Khám phá


After the battle, the black bear fled into the nearby forest. The local hunting club, Kuma Rangers, set up cages caught in the forest and patrolled to ensure safety for the people. This is the first time a bear has dared to break into someone’s home, but between April and June this year, 252 cases of black bears were seen in Hiroshima Prefecture.

As a precaution, wildlife organizations recommend that people going into forests or mountains should bring bells, radios or noisy devices so that bears don’t dare to get close.

The rogue bear after this “flying in the middle of the galaxy” may no longer dare to bully the streets and bully the people, because if it is, then certainly not the body, but its soul will be. .. fly up forever!

(Source: Sora News)

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