8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game

Don’t touch weird stuff

Humans are curious creatures, by nature we want to test everything around us, see if they are delicious, have a smell, can be used. So the first thing we do when we find a new mysterious object, be it an old doll with flossed teeth, or an old Chinese box, even a book with a cover. print the word “DO NOT OPEN”, is to pick it up and … start the engine a bit.

However, this is not a very good idea. In the game Horror, we’re never more than 3 meters away from ghostly things, and they’re just waiting for you to come out to scare you. So if you are going to touch those old, weird things, at least do it when it’s morning, with people around, not in the basement, if it’s out on the street, it’s best. If not, take a little nosy.

Pay attention to the warnings

8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

Usually, before entering the “horror” section, you will get a few omen about terrible things that are about to happen. And not often they are in the form of subtle metaphors or hard to discern, but will be very clear as a dream or illusion of death, extremely related news about a murderer near you. , or a stranger at the gas station almost said straight into your face, “Well the place where your aunt is going is where everyone dies.” But for some reason, almost none of the characters paid any attention to these warnings, and it ended up being an hour and a half later, very good 1, 2 survivors left with the clothes. blood and gore!

It is best to be alert, mind the omen and stay away from places to avoid.

Don’t ignore nonsense people

8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

If you are lucky, before entering the “tragedy”, you may have a chance to encounter a strange character. It could be an awful looking headscarf old woman, or a frightening man with a white beard and a felt hat, or the annoying nine-year-old brother who always plugs his friend’s computer head into your. Understand that it is no coincidence that these socially alienated people will suddenly approach you and warn you of something. So it is best not to ignore them and get a horrifying end.

Get ready and equipped

8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

Ghosts can’t be beaten with a baseball bat, of course, but if faced with a demented killer it still works. Take a look around and see if you can use something to protect yourself. You should wear something hard and thicker than your skin to avoid getting close, followed by a weapon such as a knife, a sharp stick, a table leg, a brick, or even a wooden ruler. Anything you can shoot, swing, or poke through the murderer’s flesh is fine. And once you have the weapon, please hold it carefully, don’t drop it, okay?

Don’t spread out

8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

“Hey why don’t we split up to find the missing girl / gas tank / the key to get back to the car and get out of here faster?”

There will always be this stupid saying from the stupidest character in the game, and probably the next who dies. However, it is your job to make sure that the group does not follow this “suicide” advice. Even if one of you found out whatever everyone was looking for, how would he or she tell the rest, make a call? In the horror game there is no phone coverage, this everyone knows that. The only thing you will hear is the terrifying screams coming from multiple sides one after another.

So let’s stick together, the more the better.


8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

After going through the initial intimidation and the deaths of a few supporting characters, now is the time for you – the protagonist to face that murderer / monster / demon. And unless you have grasped his secret weakness, it’s best to stop rambling, but run your neck around.

Unfortunately, in the horror game you will only be able to run like a two-year-old toddler, bumping thing after thing and tripping every 20 meters. But in fact, anyone can run better if you focus on the road, don’t turn your back to do anything, just run as fast, as far as possible. If he accidentally catches up, you still have the stick ready (if you follow the advice above).

Don’t stop until you’re sure they’re dead

8 things to do if you suddenly get stuck in a horror game | PC/Console

Congratulations! Somehow you defeated that murderer / monster / devil. But it is unlikely that pushing down a well, locking it in a room or spewing fire in is enough to kill them. The dark forces usually don’t give up so easily, you are making them even more mad now. So don’t stop, smash / stab / burn them until even the ash is gone, otherwise it is likely that while walking out into the street to call for help, they will stab you from behind.

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