8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers

With the development of current technology, the gap between games and movies is increasingly narrowed, can developers give horror gamers a vivid, “creepy” experience? nothing less than on film. Things are even more scary, when you have to be the main character in this journey of survival. So please have a flashlight ready, and come “visit” 8 most haunted places in the game below.

The River of The Sorrow

After plunging into a waterfall to run away from enemies in “Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater”, Snake gets lost in an endless river, home to The Sorrow – one of the most memorable “bosses” of this game. Not only obsessed with dark tones and ghostly sounds, this river is like a mirror reflecting the player’s “conscience”, because the character will be tortured by the ghosts of his enemies. (ie you) have been killed ever since. So if you want to cross this terrible river, stop … kill indiscriminately.

The bottom of the well

8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

As a child, if you played through the masterpiece “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” on the Nintendo 64, the scariest place for you is probably the “famous” mini-dungeon: Bottom of the Well. If you pass this gate, you will get the Lens of Truth, but more importantly, you … not in that terrible place anymore. This is not a place for children, with blood streaks oozing all over the floor and a pile of ReDead zombies always searching everywhere. This dungeon is a nightmare for any child in the 90s, and until adulthood it is still a very memorable “horror” memory.


8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

The city of Yharnam, one of the most unforgettable sights for From Software’s “Bloodborne” player, reminds us of Victorian London and 19th century European architecture. The gas was heavy and dark, and the fog thickened the streets, making everything damp and hazy. Under the dim lights of Yharnam, a sense of danger stalks with every step, and you know for sure that by that dark corner, a monster is waiting to grab you.


8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

If it weren’t for the storyline, probably no “Half-Life 2” player would want to set foot in Ravenholm. A ruined abandoned city with crab-headed monsters, zombies and riddled with traps that the insane Father Grigori set out. In Ravenholm, you are completely isolated, surrounding enemies, alone facing the darkness and dangers ahead. So it feels like you’re playing a horror game, not a regular FPS anymore.

Titan Station Primary School

8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

Appearing in “Dead Space 2”, Titan Station Primary School is the most horrifying place in the entire franchise. The contrast between joy and fear is what makes this place so haunted. The endless sobbing and streaks of blood streaked across the hallway, the children’s fun, colorful pictures in the dark and the dim lights turned into something frightening. Not only does it make players extremely stressful when they have to pass, but it also haunts forever after your journey is over.

Mount Massive asylum

8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

As soon as you enter the world of “Outlast”, before your eyes immediately appear a scary scene – the mad hospital Mount Massive. For those who are brave enough to step through that door, you will find yourself trapped in endless dark corridors, unable to escape. The point that makes this place even more frightening is that it will trick you into believing that you can jump through a certain doorway and get out, and then find you desperately stuck in it. Not to mention the crazy patients and the more sick doctors, your journey through Mount Massive asylum will certainly leave unforgettable haunts.


8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

At the beginning of the game “BioShock”, you get out of a plane that just fell and swim into a nearby lighthouse, this is the path that leads you to one of the most horrifying cities in the virtual world – Rapture. In the lighthouse, old jazz tunes are constantly flowing into your ears, and everyone can feel that what’s ahead is not going well. Inside the Rapture, Little Sister girls and Big Daddy guards are always hovering around you, but they won’t attack unless agitated. And because they’re almost harmless, they feel more authentic than ever – so it’s even more scary. This place used to be a prosperous city, but through many tragic events, it has declined, making players heart-pounding many times in the journey to find its dark secrets.

The PT House

8 scary locations that once haunted many gamers | GameK

Although the project “Silent Hills” has been canceled, fans will certainly not forget the memorable time they spent in its demo under the name “PT” And if you are one Among those lucky enough to experience the horror of the house in “PT”, chances are you’ll need something to pull yourself back into the real world.

A house with problems, extremely problematic. It makes bizarre, gruesome noises, haunted by the ghost of a woman named Lisa, who was killed in this house by her husband. Every detail of this horror story lives through the house, and Lisa’s ghost haunts every step you take. Everything is perfectly arranged to pluck out your heart and liver, and the talking fetus in the bath is excused here. This house will haunt you, perhaps until… in the next life.

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