7 optical illusions make viewers have to ‘lag’ out of the brain to understand

You may still remember the heated debate on the Internet about a blue-black (or yellow-white) dress. The war, though not shed any blood, was fierce enough to become a legendary verbal warfare forever on MXH. Since that interesting challenge, so many types of brain hacking illusions have appeared that make users “dizzy”, are you ready to step into that virtual world?

1. The picture below is not a color image.

This picture has “exploded” the minds of Internet users for causing the whole world to argue about whether this is black and white or colored? In fact, this picture has no color. The author applied lines of different colors to the faces of the people in the picture. It can be said that this trick indirectly “coloring” the image.

2. Is this a black and white photo?

This picture was uploaded to a Twitter account by a girl named Hollly Mckee. Holly caught hangers on children’s clothes while she was walking in the mall. At first, everyone thought that she used black and white filter to take the picture. But the truth is completely different!

7 optical illusions make viewers have to lag out of the brain to understand | Discovery

Not black and white photos, don’t believe it!

The camera operates completely in normal mode, but the clothes are not bright colors so everyone thinks this is black and white. Holly demonstrated how to post videos on YouTube.

The video demonstrates that the image does not use filters.

3. Is that cat looking at us?

A simple video of a missing cat could make you goosebumps! Everyone thought that the eyes from the notice were looking at themselves. Is this cat “enter” into the notice, determined to find the owner of the reprimand that made me “lost forever?”.

Thankfully, it turns out that this illusion happens because the paper is stuck on an uneven surface, so the cat will look at you from any angle. Hopefully this “king” has peacefully found his way home!

The cat knows how to watch passersby.

4. Does the helicopter need to fly but still fly like a bird?

It turned out that while we were busy eating and playing, did the world of technology have reached this pinnacle? Is it time for the plane to take off without having to start the propeller again?

It is true that the world we live in “genuine” really, but to the climax “fly without wings” is not! In fact, this is an illusion called the blinking effect. It happens when the rotational speed of the helicopter wing coincides with the frame rate on the video. Is it genuine?

Helicopters take off without turning wings.

5. What color is the cabinet of this cabinet ultimately?

That is the question of the author when he uploaded this “sore eye” photo to Reddit. The comment section was immediately divided into two fierce controversies: one said it was blue and gray, the other said clearly pink and white, and the drawers were painted gray and blue. But due to the red light in the room shining down, a lot of people saw pink and white!

7 optical illusions make viewers have to lag out of the brain to understand | Discovery

Is it pink and white?

6. Where’s Kendall Jenner’s leg?

The photo on the Instagram account of the newspaper Instylemagazine caught people’s attention immediately. However, not because of the appearances of Hailey Baldwin, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, but because everyone is trying to find out where Kendall’s lost leg is! 7. Are sand dunes or holes?

After much effort and effort, the readers also found the other leg hidden behind Kendall’s skirt.

7 optical illusions make viewers have to lag out of the brain to understand | Discovery

3 beautiful people but nobody cares!

7. Are sand dunes or holes?

This picture was posted by a man named Luca Parmitano on his Twitter account. He said that he had photographed the dunes from above, but the followers of Luca’s account were very confused because it seemed the picture was depicting sand pits, not sand dunes.

Then someone tried to invert the color of the image and make every question come to light, because the dunes were so similar and so numerous, forming a repetitive pattern that our brain was … “lag” when looking at.

7 optical illusions make viewers have to lag out of the brain to understand | Discovery

7 optical illusions make viewers have to lag out of the brain to understand | Discovery

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