7 couples who prove that ‘love in anime is beautiful’ in any situation

Originating in Japan, anime became famous and loved by a wide audience around the world. Regardless of the genre of anime, affection is a familiar and often exploited element. With attractive content, romantic love stories in Japanese anime have many times made the hearts of millions of viewers sob.

Although each character in this vast world is shaped by the style under the pen of the author. But that’s why the love of each character for the person they love is extremely true and sweet.

Here’s a look at some super sweet couples with broken love lines in the anime world!

Meliodas and Elizabeth

“One life is too short to love you. For this short love, I’m willing to spend my eternal life in exchange.”

Meliodas and Elizabeth’s love is as deep as the ocean, a love story that is both beautiful and painful, lasting for more than a hundred lives. The difference between two people, the most holy and the most cruel, was brought together by the god of love.

A kind, gentle Elizabeth could stand before the Derieri Ten Commandments swearing that, if she dared to touch that man she loved, she would fight Derieri to her last breath. A Meliodas “heir” of the Demon King, the most tyrannical and cruel of the Ten Commandments, betrayed his homeland, family and friends for a woman, vowing to protect Elizabeth and her dreams.

Meliodas and Elizabeth are the main characters in Nanatsu no Taizai

Gray and Juvia

“Sending this life and love to you, the man I love and never regret.”

Gray with Juvia is one of Fairy Tail’s most famous and iconic couples. From the beginning of the story, Gray and Juvia’s love story is relatively difficult and tumultuous even though it starts quite early. No matter what happens, Juvia is always Gray’s biggest spiritual support, she is also the one who always loves him more than anyone.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

Senor Pink and Russian

“My life was so beautiful, until I couldn’t see your smile anymore.”

Senor Pink’s wife is cute but she hates pirates. That’s why Senor Pink lied about her true identity, then married Russian, then fathered a beautiful baby. Unfortunately, one day when she went home to visit her wife and children, Pink felt like the world was falling apart when she heard that her son had been dead for a week. The wife who suffered from the loss of a child without a husband by her side discovered her husband had cheated on her for many years. Russian left during a storm, had an accident and became a vegetal, speechless, smiling, emotionless.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

Esdeath and Tatsumi

“I can stay with you until I close my eyes, there’s nothing left for me to regret in this life.”

Despite her monstrous and slightly “nervous” personality, Esdeath is very feminine and gentle in her love for the male lead Tatsumi. With her “half good, half evil” personality, Esdeath is loved by many fans and ranks in the top 1 of the most popular characters in the Akame Ga Kill anime.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

Ymir and Historia Reiss

“This life is meaningless without you, carrying my luggage to a place far from the front line, what I think about is nothing but you.”

In Attack on Titan, Ymir has romantic feelings for Historia. During her escape with Bertolt and Reiner after they captured Eren and her, Ymir was violently torn inside, because she loved Historia. Ymir knew that people from outside the wall would at some point attack and kill everyone inside, so she wanted to take Historia with Reiner even though she knew she would be killed as soon as she set foot. arrive there. Unfortunately Ymir died and Historia Reiss lived a life of responsibility but not what she wanted.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

Kushina and Minato

“It’s nice that we both know each other, love each other. Red hair like the color of blood, like a red thread, binds our love.”

Kushina and Minato have started Their love story and happy times lasted day after day. But on the night Naruto was born, Tobi arrived and Kushina, who was still weak after giving birth, released the Nine-Tails from her body, causing it to attack Konoha. Minato tried his best to protect Kushina, Naruto and the village,… but unfortunately both were gone forever.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

Iguro Obanai and Kanroji Mitsuri

“If there is really an afterlife, I will come to marry you, making you the happiest bride in the world.”

The Pillar Iguro Obanai and the Beloved Kanroji Mitsuri are a talented couple in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Few people know that behind Xa Tru’s unapproachable appearance and unfriendly way of talking is a very considerate and romantic soul. He fell in love with the great beauty Kanroji Mitsuri at first sight. Putting so much effort into pursuing love is like that, but it seems that the naive Mitsuri is always busy looking for her husband without realizing Iguro Obanai’s feelings for her.

Unfortunately, when she knew that there was a man who loved and cared for and accepted her flaws day and night, that was when tragedy struck.

7 couples who prove that love in anime is beautiful in any situation | GameK

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