6 video games with super-complex storylines, causing players to ‘bicker’

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is one of the games that can split players into two camps: one side is absolutely loved and the other side is extremely disgusted with it. However, there is a point that both sides agree, that the plot of the game is very complicated.

The game’s story revolves around the theory of multiverse, a theory of quantum mechanics that holds that each outcome of each event causes space-time to branch and lead to numerous parallel universes. The differences between the universes can be huge, like Hitler winning World War II or this morning putting your right foot on your shoes instead of your left. Parallel universes cause countless confusing situations in Bioshock Infinite, such as the protagonist can see himself dead.

The outcome of the new game is truly bizarre and can cause players to question their own existence. Not only that, but a lot of information (but not all) that players have to handle is hidden in the audio log scattered throughout the game. Get ready to play the game over and over several times if you want to understand this game.

Assassin’s Creed series

6 video games with super complex storylines causing players to bicker | PC/Console

At this point, almost no one can be sure what is happening with the main story line Assassin’s’s Creed. The first game was relatively easy to understand although there was no explanation for Desmond Miles’ identity. But from the second part onwards, things really became chaotic.

During Assassin’s Creed 2, the player plays the sublime assassin Ezio, but at the end of the game, for some reason he does not finish the target, but instead discovers the mystery about Minerva and “The People.” Precursors or Those Who came Before. From here, through Ezio talking to the ancients, Desmond learns that the Earth will be destroyed by the solar storm, the only way to prevent this is to enter Connor’s memory and find to a mysterious basement. For some reason, stopping the Sun Storm freed Juno (a Precursors) and killed Desmond. Ultimately the player must now play the role of an anonymous Abstergo employee. Although the UK in the Syndicate sounds very desirable, the story line outside the Animus machine is now a mess.

Souls (and Bloodborne) game series

6 video games with super complex storylines causing players to bicker | PC/Console

The Souls series and the Bloodborne brothers do not have as complicated or ridiculous storylines as the other names on the list. However, the way the story is transmitted makes them worthy of being featured in this article. There are very few explanations or instructions, instead the player must pick up and assemble pieces of information in the world of the game.

It is not easy to get information, and even if found they can be interpreted in any way. Every dialogue, cutscenes and even the description of the item need to be carefully analyzed if you want to understand what’s going on.

Not complicated but not easy to grasp, understanding how the Souls game series depends entirely on the patience to patch up the sporadic information as well as your imagination.

Chrono Cross

6 video games with super complex storylines causing players to bicker | PC/Console

Chrono Cross is a sequel to Chrono Trigger, one of Square Enix’s top rated games, as well as one of the best RPG games ever created. Sadly, it has not been able to reach the caliber of its predecessor, partly because the story is too damaging.

It is hard to see what Chrono Cross brings as a “plot”, in fact it is a jumble of realities and dimensions with a huge array of playable characters (over 40 characters), including dragons, aliens, turnips, enchanted dolls and wrestlers. Most are not related to the main storyline in the game, but most have their own massive story.

All make a JRPG title with extremely complex content. It is hard for players to know what is happening and for what reason, or when the viewing angle is suddenly switched to a strange and unrelated character. The developers themselves also realize this and must put a ghost to explain the story before the final boss. This seems useless if the player’s brain has been unbearable and “smoked” before.

Metal Gear game series

6 video games with super complex storylines causing players to bicker | PC/Console

Whether or not a teacher makes a brain-damaging Hideo Kojima game is a genius depends on your passion for the Metal Gear series. Can’t talk about the complicated storyline without mentioning Metal Gear Solid, even fans of the series can’t deny this.

The plot of the first part is relatively easy to understand, but things get messy after a series of prequels, sequels, and other follow-up titles. Son of Liberty shocked the player when replacing the main character with Raiden instead of Snake, a series of conspiracies as well as the disclosure of the Patriots organization contributed to make things more chaotic. Later versions were equally problematic with treasonous incidents, talking ghosts, clones, super warriors and nuclear war. Along with the above are several different protagonists, each character at different times has different motivations and stories.

Kingdom Hearts series

6 video games with super complex storylines causing players to bicker | PC/Console

When Tetsuya Nomura, father Kingdom Hearts, asked what was most important when writing a story for a game, he answered it was “surprise”. This answer is the explanation for the infamous and complicated plot of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Just as Tetsuya Nomura declared, Kingdom Hearts is not without surprises, if not abundance. Even players can be surprised if something goes according to common logic. Gamers are always in a low state waiting for a mystery to be revealed. Almost every character in the game has an evil copy, either a copy of someone, or a half heart hidden in someone’s body and they themselves are not themselves.

Games that follow on different platforms continue to add to the massive storyline, creating a jumble of interconnected versions.

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