6 misconceptions that many parents still think about gamers

With the speed of development and the growing influence of the game on the society, nowadays many people consider the game a habit, a hobby or even a passion that goes through life. However, until now, the concept of gamers is still unclear and controversial exists. Here, invite you to the 6 biggest myths that parents still think about gamers.

Gamers don’t learn anything from the games

Another misconception from outsiders looking at gamers (especially parents). Not only for entertainment, the game also teaches players a lot of lessons. Persistence, patience, creativity, teamwork, foreign languages, history and even logical thinking … all of these can be learned through the game.

Civilization V, a famous strategy game, has been included in the history curriculum in American schools.

Gamers have weak and unbalanced bodies

With the thought that gamers are those who are “plugged in” all day on the computer desk, many people often mistakenly think about the state and physique of gamers. Skinny, sick or obese, overweight, that’s exactly what many people still think about gamers. However, the reality is not so. Gamers are like normal people, there are fat people, thin people, well-balanced people, even “6 pack” bodybuilders.

6 misconceptions that many parents still think about gamers | GameK

CSGO gamer PashaBiceps

Gamers are always separate from society

In fact, with the development of social networking and globalization today, this concept is extremely wrong. Gamers can completely exchange, learn, make friends and expand relationships right in their games.

Gamers let gamers take control of their lives

In fact, in real life, there are many gamers participating in social and collective activities such as playing sports, participating in music shows or even charity. In the game, the gaming community has long existed as a place to discuss, answer questions, relax, make friends … It can be said that the concept of “community” is becoming more and more popular than ever. end, not as everyone thought all along.

Gamers spend a lot of time on the game, but that does not mean that gamers let the game dominate all activities in their daily life. On the contrary, true gamers will be those who play games in moderation and understanding. Although no one can deny that there are gamers who have been living in the style of eating games, sleeping games, whatever they do, it is only a very small part, they cannot be considered as a measure of all gamers are.

Gamers are not a profession that can feed themselves

6 misconceptions that many parents still think about gamers | GameK

SofM is receiving a salary of nearly 70 billion / year

Just looking at the income of the top players in the world now, you can understand how wrong the comment is. You don’t even have to be the top gamers, you can still live well as a gamer if you know your efforts and constantly develop yourself.

All gamers are male

This is probably one of the most common and easiest to argue with. Most of the gamers here have female gaming partners, and every time online to play Dota, Call of Duty or simply Candy Crush Saga, whatever type of friends list they have to have at least one, two female gamers. And the more funny is that the more in FPS or RPG games, the better a female gamer is, the easier it is to be mistaken as a man.

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