6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam

Hunt Showdown

40% discount, to VND 299,000

Just like PUBG or later Fortnite Battle Royale, Hunt Showdown, Crytek’s work is a brand new online game that explores a new and strange multiplayer gameplay for any gamer who is familiar with shooting games. classic gun.

At the same time, Hunt Showdown is a parallel PvP and PvE game, something that neither PUBG nor Fortnite Battle Royale can do. Because the map is large but the map is only 10 people, so bloodless but bloodless corpses appear full of maps. And so sometimes you no longer care or worry about the other players “robbing” the bounty anymore, you are only concerned about how to overcome the herd of creepy monsters safely to defeat. Butcher or Spider, the only two Bounty available in the game right now.

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

Just standing too close, or accidentally shooting, or making a zombie mad, you will be able to fall into the case of unfinished crying because the bullets were few monsters, both crowded and aggressive. Not to mention the heavily armored armor like tanks that fired all the bullets would not have died if they did not know how to destroy, or The Hive with poisonous insects, even if you run, you will be chased. No action survival game has created a sense of fear and taught fearful players like Hunt Showdown.

No Man’s Sky

Discount 50% to VND 240,000

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

Inspired by our favorite fantasy adventures from classic sci-fi works, No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, full of unique planets, different types of live, dangerous and action-packed.

In No Man’s Sky, each star is the light of a distant sun, and orbits it as planets full of life, and you can go anywhere you choose and there is no limit. . In this randomly generated and infinite universe, you’ll discover places and creatures that no other player has seen before in every planet with fauna, flora and even cities. part of their own atmosphere.

Far Cry 5

Discount 75% to VND 247,000

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

Far Cry 5 is the latest part of the series of the same name that was first released in 2004. Far Cry 5 will be set in a modern setting in Montana, USA, where the protagonist will have to fight a fanatic group. . Players will see that their appearance occurred at the time of a year-long silent coup by a fanatical apocalyptic cult to seize control of Hope County with violence. Under the siege and cut off from the rest of the world, players will join forces with the residents of Hope and launch a counterattack.

Bioshock Infinite

Discount 75% to VND 127,000

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

BioShock Infinite is a shooting game combining adventure that is well worth the experience for gamers. Inheriting many advantages from the previous versions, plus owning new outstanding features, beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay plus a story level on par with great literary works, probably will not It is exaggerated to say that BioShock Infinite is the best version of the series to date.

Far Cry New Dawn

Discount 60% to VND 295,000

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

Set in the post-apocalyptic era in the Hope County area, you and your teammates will have to fight against a group of armed violence known as the Highwaymne, led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, also known as The Twins. According to the manufacturer, this game, in addition to survival, will now be stronger for creating weapons and repairing vehicles. Besides discovering a colorful version of Hope County after many years, the game will also add new areas in a mission called “Expeditions” to help you discover them.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Discount 75% to VND 77,500

Set in the 17th century Japan, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun will take you back to the feudal period, where the island nation is still under Shogun rule. After many bloody struggles, the strongest Shogun united the vassals. He aspires to maintain a peace and stability throughout Japan. And to do this, he recruited a team of assassins of five members tasked with assassinating the rebel forces, eliminating all the seeds that threaten the power of the Shogun.

6 AAA games worth the most in the big promotion of Steam | PC/Console

From here, the game is started with your task to control this assassin group. The gameplay of Shadown Tactics is true to the style of the legendary Commandos ever with the control of the character with a view from above.

With a mind-blowing and equally fascinating gameplay, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a great descendant for Commandos fans. In a new mantle, a legend has been recreated with a completely new ninja style, an Asian style.

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