5G will make Galaxy Note20 the king of the high-end smartphone market

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about 5G in the past, technology is said to be “the key to bringing the world into the 4.0 era”. This technology is currently developing rapidly in big cities in China, USA, Korea, Australia, UK, bringing great benefits compared to 4G networks that are widely used today.

The great benefits of 5G networks

2G, 3G, 4G and then 5G, each network technology has made strides in speed to open up new applications that are useful to users. With 5G, the theoretical speed will be able to reach 15 – 20 Gbps, helping us download movies, heavy games in just a few seconds. In an era where 4K, even 8K movies have become the norm, 4G networks are no longer able to meet them and it’s time for 5G to take the throne.

But that’s not the biggest benefit of 5G. What needs more attention is its very low latency and the ability to support multiple devices. According to the page Racouteur, the 5G latency when actually used will be able to reach the threshold of 1 millisecond, instead of 20-30 milliseconds of the 4G network.

Thanks to such low latency, 5G allows users to use fast-impact applications such as gaming via servers (services such as Google Stadia, Playstation Now …) and especially real games. VR virtual reality. When “immersed” in the virtual reality world VR, you manipulate the game, it will take a few moments before the response will cause dizziness, headache like motion sickness.

5G will make Galaxy Note20 the king of the high end smartphone market | Mobile

The ability to support multiple devices will be very useful for the Internet-of-Things network, including smart devices that are connected to each other to operate at the user’s command, or automatically. 4G network is capable of handling up to 2,000 devices at the same time per 1 km2But with 5G, this number has risen to 1 million. 2,000 listening devices might be a lot, but with the Internet-of-Things network of countless devices, 4G can’t.

Imagine waking up one morning, ordering a virtual assistant on your smartphone to start the coffee machine, a curtain that opens to catch the early sunshine. Or through 5G networks, traffic control devices can work together to help reduce congestion, or avoid unnecessary traffic accidents. Human life is certainly easier than ever thanks to the smooth operation of the network under IoT, in which 5G is the necessary condition.

Samsung – a pioneer in 5G development

As the largest smartphone company in the world, as well as a very high position in other electronics industries, Samsung is one of the pioneers in developing and applying 5G technology in practice. Since 2012, the company has announced that the successful test of 5G mmWave technology – technology with a speed higher than 5G 6 GHz is being applied in developed countries. By 2014, this technology was successfully applied to mobile devices, able to perform file transfer at high speed.

In 2015 to 2016, Samsung continuously brings 5G 20GHz and 28GHz technologies to exhibitions like MWC so that users can experience it. By 2018, it has been able to produce all the devices for 5G networks, making it the world’s first commercial solution. This is also the year Samsung received the first FCC mmWave certification in the US by the FCC.

5G will make Galaxy Note20 the king of the high end smartphone market | Mobile

Looking at the companies that have 5G-related patents all over the world, Samsung also ranks first with 8.9% of patents, followed by Huawei with 8.3%, Qualcomm ranks 3rd with 7.4% according to as figures of Cyber ​​Creative Institute. With the ability to produce all the smart devices, the leader of the smartphone market and now holds the most patents, Samsung is sure to be a potential company to bring this technology to. The earliest user hands today.

Galaxy Note20 – Samsung’s first flagship model with 5G in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, 5G technology has not yet been widely applied, but there have been rapid developments. Earlier this year, all three operators Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone were licensed to use 5G, announced successful experiments on this technology and promised to apply it in the shortest time. So, what can Samsung – a company that has its strengths in this area be able to do?

According to the latest rumors, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone products, in addition to strong upgrades in processing capabilities, displays and S-Pen stylus, will also be its first smartphones. Korean electronics launched in Vietnam owning 5G technology. At the time of launch (expected to be early August), users in Vietnam who have purchased this smartphone will not be able to experience 5G network immediately before it has been commercialized. But perhaps when investing in a high-end tablet, users will also want the latest technology, ready to be used as soon as carriers deploy, instead of when they need to change to one. Other models leave one more money.

5G will make Galaxy Note20 the king of the high end smartphone market | Mobile

The first images of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 product line

Will this come true? We will wait for the Galaxy Unpacked event to take place on August 5 to know the correct answer.

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