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5G network appeared in Vietnam, how to experience?

Keeping in pace with the world, two major carriers in Vietnam, VinaPhone and Viettel, started broadcasting 5G networks, the highest speed wireless connection technology available today. While VinaPhone operator started testing its service from November 27 to prepare for the broadcast in December, yesterday, November 30, Viettel officially launched commercial 5G testing business. in Hanoi, home to the largest number of 5G broadcasting stations ever by this carrier.

Although it is only in the experimental stage, the 5G network speed in Vietnam has shown very desirable results. The download speed of VinaPhone’s 5G network can range from 500Mbps – 1Gbps, depending on the number of people accessing it at the same time. As for Viettel’s 5G network, at the time of testing, the speed could reach 1.2Gbps – 1.5Gbps, which means that users can download a 90-minute HD movie in just 30 seconds.

Not only is the speed higher than the regular internet, 5G also has very low latency, allowing users to watch live football or play high-profile graphics games with almost no lag compared to the real-time experience. , as well as VR or AR applications. These are the advantages that outweigh the 4G network.

To facilitate the experience of the 5G network in Vietnam, both VinaPhone and Viettel said that users only need a 4G SIM card to experience this new network technology without upgrading the SIM.

5G network appeared in Vietnam how to experience | ICT News

While users in Vietnam do not have to worry about 5G SIM issue, finding a device connected to this new network technology is more difficult when not all 5G smartphones can connect to VinaPhone’s 5G network. or Viettel, even today’s high-end 5G devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to the explanation from VinaPhone, the Government (specifically the Department of Radio Frequencies) and carriers will have to work with smartphone manufacturers to enable these manufacturers to activate 5G-compatible bands. on the products they sell. Every carrier has to do this. That’s why, depending on each carrier’s 5G network, only a handful of devices are compatible with them.

During the testing period, only a few of the following devices are compatible with VinaPhone’s 5G network: ASUS ROG Phone III, Nokia 8.3 5G, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G, Huawei P40 / P40 Pro and OPPO Find X2.

5G network appeared in Vietnam how to experience | ICT News

Some devices are compatible with the experimental 5G network of VinaPhone.

Viettel also recently announced the list of devices compatible with its 5G network, including Nokia 8.3 5G, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G, Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, Huawei P40 / P40 Pro and P40 Pro +, OPPO Find X2. Pro. Not only that, Viettel also stated that devices with certain IMEI ranges will support its 5G network.

5G network appeared in Vietnam how to experience | ICT News

List of devices compatible with 5G Viettel network

If there are supporting devices, Viettel customers can experience the 5G network in some areas in Hanoi, including the central area of ​​Hoan Kiem District, Ba Dinh District and Hai Ba Trung District.

Notably so that users can comfortably experience the new network technology without having to worry about charges, Viettel said that it is offering free unlimited data access to traffic on 5G networks in areas. coverage area.

Currently, VinaPhone is testing 5G networks in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Users who are subscribers of this network operator as well as having 5G-compatible devices of VinaPhone can experience this new technology in 2 areas: around Hoan Kiem in Hanoi and Nguyen pedestrian street. Hue and District 1 center in Ho Chi Minh City.

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