5 valuable technologies from the brand of vertical cage washing machines with the top 1 revenue in Vietnam

TD Inverter technology is an excellent “warrior” equipped by Panasonic for the new generation of vertical washing machines from the end of 2019. Just a few months after launching, the generation of TD Inverter washing machines has been quickly created a new wave in the washing machine market, especially during the Covid-19 period when every family was interested in bactericidal solutions. So, what is the secret to making the extremely powerful attraction of the new TD Inverter product line?

Antibacterial hot water washing to 99.99%

The time when the outbreak of Covid-19 was the time when all families were more concerned about hygiene, safety and health solutions, so the bactericidal and harmful solutions were increasing. strong suction in the market. Understanding this concern, Panasonic introduced the antibacterial hot water washing feature on the new generation of vertical cage washing machines and quickly became the first choice of all families.

With Panasonic TD Inverter, users can experience the super-clean, germicidal hot wash technology that is only available with horizontal cage machines

Panasonic is a technologically pioneering manufacturer with the first hot-water washing feature on stand washer. This is also an outstanding technological strength on the new TD Inverter product line. Users can choose to wash in 40 degrees C hot water to remove nasty stains and odors in difficult-to-clean locations such as collars, sleeves, and clothing folds. In addition, a washing mode at 60 degrees Celsius has the power to kill bacteria sticking on the fabric, preventing dermatitis especially with sensitive skin.

According to research results by Japan Food Research Laboratories, 60 degrees C hot water washing technology on TD Inverter washing machine can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria tested on various types of bacteria. dangerous bacteria like E.coli and staph bacteria.

Whirlpool Water Bazooka super strong

With stains that are difficult to clean, such as grease, sauces, mud, many families have a habit of pre-washing before washing the machine due to concerns that the washing machine cannot be cleaned. Now with the power of TD Inverter motor on Panasonic washing machine, this obsession will be solved with just one button and washing will become simpler than ever. The state-of-the-art, precision transmission motor driven by a frequency inverter creates a super strong whirlpool of Water Bazooka, tested to remove grease, mud, sauce and many stubborn stains. otherwise without first clapping.

5 valuable technologies from the brand of vertical cage washing machines with the top 1 revenue in Vietnam | Live

Extremely powerful whirlpool Water Bazooka increases the washing efficiency of washing machines.

Combined with the power of the engine, Dual Power Cascade creates two powerful waterfalls in the drum that circles from top to bottom and the right and left whirlpool dispel unpleasant odors on clothes. This perfect and powerful combination helps wash away the most stubborn stains as well as the types of odors hidden in each fold, increasing the washing efficiency by 16% higher than conventional washing machines.

Market-leading wide drum

5 valuable technologies from the brand of vertical cage washing machines with the top 1 revenue in Vietnam | Live

The largest laundry tub in the market makes it easy for users to wash large sized blankets, curtains, pillows

Delicate, beautiful and luxurious

Gone are the days when consumers’ tastes stopped at “good wood better than paint”. Modern families are very much interested in the design beauty of the product. Selecting luxurious, sophisticated pearl black as the dominant color for this washing machine, the TD Inverter masterpiece easily magnifies the luxurious elegance in the modern interior space. In addition, the product is always clean with pearl black color, which immediately creates a perfect highlight for the family space.

Japanese quality from every smallest angle

From every smallest perspective, the 10.5 Inverter TD Inverter washing machine is meticulously designed to every detail to ensure the perfect experience for every home.

The super-large washing machine’s door is made of tempered glass, which is resistant to collapse to help keep it safe when you unload and remove items from the washing machine.

The control panel is extremely intelligent, placed on top of the washing machine instead of the bottom, avoiding water and impact from clothes that damage the circuit board, increasing the life of the washing machine.

Moreover, the product can work well even in areas with low water pressure instead of having to use auxiliary water pumps for washing machines.

In particular, users no longer have to worry about cleaning the washing bucket monthly because this feature has built-in automatic cleaning mode of washing tubs in the final rinse cycle.

5 valuable technologies from the brand of vertical cage washing machines with the top 1 revenue in Vietnam | Live

There is no need to remember the cleaning schedule of the drum because TD Inverter automatically cleans the washing bucket after each time washing clothes.

The quality of all products always meets the stringent Japanese standards, with high durability and always smart to save electricity and water, 10.5kg TD Inverter washing machine is a perfect assistant for every family. to welcome a comfortable summer clean bacteria and ensure health.

Product reference: Panasonic telescopic washing machine 10.5kg NA-FD10VR1BV is priced at 11,490,000 VND.
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