5 types of jungle players you always meet in League of Legends

Just know how to farm

Although not entirely, but most of the jungler-only players are gamers to use Master Yi. For them, collecting gold and experience for themselves is the most important, more than the normal jobs that other junglers usually do, attacking roads, eating targets, etc. The only thing these gamers have is “I’m fine, I carry it all”.

Players who pick Master Yi’s lock often have the thought of farming and carrying all

Of course, this doesn’t always happen because such a “burden” game has been nerfed too much. If you meet a Master Yi player early, it’s best to determine that your forest will not survive when you need them most and must choose strong lane champions to survive on their own.

Go gank enthusiastically

Contrary to the above style of play, there are gamers League of Legends re likes ganking style constantly and always find ways to attack opponents. Of course this will make the laners extremely interested because someone takes care of them, but the jungler himself will be extremely level and economical because there is no time to eat the forest. Not to mention the fact that ganking bugs is a lot affecting psychology and the whole game.

5 types of jungle players you always meet in League of Legends | Esports

Heroes that are strong at the first 2-3 levels can have very strong early ganks

Although not as recognizable as the farm-only style, the best laners are to select the champions that are dominant to coordinate with this type of gank gamer.

“Holy cursing”

Putting aside the gameplay issue, there is a type of gamer who will swear at you anytime with whatever is happening, such as being robbed, ganking bugs or teammates asking for help. Players like this are always agitated when the game goes wrong, of course, in the case of not using specific actions to solve, they will use words to relieve them.

5 types of jungle players you always meet in League of Legends | Esports

Meet this component, it is best to block chat for good

Because of the problem of gamer psychology, it is very difficult for us to find a radical solution, it is best to block chat, block ping players like that so you are not affected and hope that player will be less scratched Keys and focus on gaming more.


Sometimes you will encounter players who play exceptionally well, they complete the forest ring only, timing the target to eat the target or gank extremely accurately. In short, they know what to do, balance farming, ganking or controlling goals. They also know when to appear, after all, you do not have to guide or pay too much attention to this type of gamer.

5 types of jungle players you always meet in League of Legends | Esports

Maybe that person is “Levi type “in a nice day

Perhaps this is an anonymous player or a strong “Smurf” from Challenger players, for example. So you just let him do what is right, do not try to teach players this type because it is only counterproductive.

“Holy spirit, clown god”

Like in the case of “holy cursing”, this type of gamer simply wants to have fun so they will choose the “for fun” champions and play extremely not seriously. A good example is players who use Nunu & Willump and then pick up Speed ​​or Purify, for example, they will go snowball across the map, regardless of whether it is ganking or the situation in the road . They just need to be happy, they don’t care about anything else.

5 types of jungle players you always meet in League of Legends | Esports

Meet these young men, this clown is determined to be ranked by the clouds and clouds

If you can play with this type of player and have early life, you can carry them. If not, then it’s best to forget the win or lose because the player doesn’t care about that.

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