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5 titles that punish gamers if they intend to use cheats

Normally, no one plays games but likes to cheat. Even the game developers did not like this. And to punish those who cheat lies in the game, the programmer has created quite a lot of strange ideas to be able to put the fraudsters in an uncomfortable situation. Let’s take a look at examples like that below.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a special case, it does not punish cheats in the game, but its main object is those who download or play the game without paying for it.

The way it taunts the loaders is to lock some important buttons, such as the slider. This makes it impossible for players to play, let alone complete the game.

Many people commented that, although this idea was quite ridiculous, it was very humorous. Indeed, this game is not too expensive when in the off season, those who want to play it can absolutely spend money to enjoy the game properly.

2. The Witcher 3

5 titles that punish gamers if they intend to use cheats | Khám phá

Money is a relatively difficult resource to find in The Witcher 3, the player must work very hard to earn good coins. However, there are those who find bugs in the game, specifically killing cows to make easy money. And so, CD development firm Projekt Red devised a way to punish these greedy people.

In the DLC Hearts of Stone, they added a mission called The Taxman Cometh. As the name implies, this tax collector will come and ask you some questions, and if you kill those poor animals, be prepared to lose 1,000 fine crowns, and that tax collector will disappear soon. like a wind

3. Banjo-Kazooie

5 titles that punish gamers if they intend to use cheats | Khám phá

Banjo-Kazooie is a fun and creative game. The game programmers have put in a lot of different cheat codes for you to find and play with. However, these changes do not affect too much to the game, even some cheats only change the appearance only.

However, there is still a cheat code to help players become “hegemony” and overcome the game screen quickly. However, if you use cheat code too much, the character Grunty will appear and delete your save always. Indeed, this is very cruel, but will make gamers remember life because of the lazy habit.

4. The Stanley Parable

5 titles that punish gamers if they intend to use cheats | Khám phá

Stanley Parable is one of the most memorable punitive games. During the game, when you type sv_cheats 1 into the console, you will pay immediately when you are taken to a separate room.

After that, the narrator in the game will give you a very long speech, making you feel embarrassed enough to be unable to have the courage to press the cheat anymore. What if you still tried to cheat? Of course, the game will bring you back here, and will be locked there. The only way for you to continue playing is to start over with a new, completely saved copy of the book.

5. SimCity

5 titles that punish gamers if they intend to use cheats | Khám phá

SimCity is a game that also loves to punish gamers who like to eat and not sit, just like to type cheats but do not exercise. In the first stage, players can type the code “FUND” into the game and get 10 thousand money. It will partly help players more easily develop their city. However, if you are greedy and use this command too much, an earthquake will take place and destroy your entire city.

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